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Hah! fucking kikes hate it when White people learn to think and reason for themselves and takes an interest in politics and history.

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Someone link this cunt to my videos.

139 Days in NYC without EVER wearing a mask. ...And that’s a fact, man.


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I watched your videos the other day while working on some stuff, they're pretty cool. Suggest uploading to multiple platforms.

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Thanks a lot man, I’m arrogant and angry, but I’m out here fighting the fight and in my own way.

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"unofficial facts"

All facts should be Kosher Certified

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From Comment Section:

The Atlantic Magazine was a great hard copy Magazine in the early 1990 – fair, intelligent secular Liberal but not anything even remotely PC, thought police . The J tribe takeover of The Atlantic Magazine is horrible – as bad as Jeff Zucker and the tribe takeover of CNN.