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They are fake, possibly china people paid by tiktok

alternatively, yeah, maybe they need to try to find a better life meaning and the loss of tiktopk is a message to them

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I used to play an online game and sometimes I’d end up with teenagers on voice chat and tons of them were seriously depressed. I worry for what social media is doing to white children

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Teenagers fighting with their parents, running out of the room and slamming the door aren't uncommon.

They don't have parents. They're day care preschool institutionalised and exist on fast food. There parents just aren't into them and staring at their device all day is their life.

They're treating everyone else like their parents by slamming doors and having tantrums with anyone who isn't their parent, but has the potential to show the authority they want.

Every other generation of teenager would have died of embarrassment if anyone but their parents saw them acting like that. No self respect.

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It's destroyed the fabric of society, it was a hassle to learn how to talk person to person before everything became digital. Now that people are no longer having face to face interactions as their main source things will become dire in the future I fear.

[–] redwing14 ago 

it's killing them, can't you read?

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We've went from "there are no girls one the internet"


"There are no humans on the internet"

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I can't find one, but I've seen the images where they have these slave Chinese in a small room surrounded by about 200 phones on boards that they use to post messages, it helps them to seem anonymous. Israel has the same thing and most likely Jewgle has a couple of these slave farms in places like China as well. They probably threaten to kill their children if they don't post what they are told.

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You are very lucky to be cut off from those types of people but they do exist. Some might be Chinese bugmen but some are real people too. They are sick in the head

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I believe the proper response is, " Do a back flip.".

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Based and landonyourheadpilled

[–] webrustler ago 

Go to Greenland.

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Holy shit, is banning tic tok Trump's final solution?

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his only actual win in his 4 yr term

[–] MBB ago 

It's one of them.. lol

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Effective. Reducing the number of hysterical chicks from RUINING some dudes life can't be bad.

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Kids who create drama about killing themselves are probably going to grow up to be liberals, because they have found nothing in life worth striving for.

Hating your own superior White culture always starts with hating yourself

[–] Intrixina ago 

Probably? More like most definitely.

These idiots thrive off drama.

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Fallout from the self-worth destroying welfare state.

The old adage “Idle hands do the Devil’s work” is not untrue.

If these children had ANY reason to live, like oh let’s say trying to obtain food for the day, it would focus their attention on the sanctity of life. And maybe even give them a perspective on what is and is not worth dying for.

Which of course is why they invented welfare in the first place. Strong willed, focused, individuals that know why they are alive and what goals are worth changing that state are their absolute worst possible nightmare.

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Politics and Chinese propaganda aside, TikTok is pure cultural cancer

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Reminds me of that meme from a while back.


/pol/ is starting in on the action: https://files.catbox.moe/f73zle.png

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