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oy vey poor goyim are worthless

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So true. Howard Beale said ‘turn off your TV!’

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I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.

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Is he related to Edith Bouvier Beale from Grey Gardens?

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The elites are nervous their EXCLUSIVE (by money) "luxury" market is revealing that MANY of our BEST scientists are relegated to making goods for THEM EXCLUSIVELY.

How is THAT equal?

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Lamborghini is owned by Volkswagen

Ferrari is owned by FIAT

Koeniggsegg is a platform to advertise their owners patents e.g. FreeValve

the tech makes its way down. carbon fiber is standard on all BMWs. electronic clutches are standard on tons of vehicles. the honda Civic has a CVT. All of the above started in race cars, then moved to exotic cars, and are now in commuter car

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Interesting point

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The simplicity of the message comes through loud and clear! Get to work.

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Factually incorrect Ferraris are for rich brats who don't know the value of a dollar retarded kids who like them for wow factor and middle aged men with too much fucking money some nigger around fort Wayne has one I see him drive it once a week during the summer. One day he was sitting at a meijers smoking dope init. From that point forward I realized people who can afford Ferraris are either drug dealers or are retarded

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dont be jealous bro

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Plus Lambos and Ferraris are always broken down or catching on fire. The most reliable Ferrari I've heard of is owned by a guy that blew his motor at the track and replaced it with a Chevy V8. Significantly increased the power, too.

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yeah and it now weighs 500lbs more, totally ruining the chassis

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A better question if you watch TV might be "Why not TV viewers?".

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This is a fun Lamborghini commercial (NSFW: tits)


[–] HomerChimpson ago  (edited ago)

Do they not pay to have their cars prominently displayed within certain movies and or television shows? Most brands do. That actor isn't holding the coke can with the label facing the camera for no reason.

They might not, but they do seem like the most prevelant supercar pushed by power/money hungry characters in various forms of media.

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