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and he even swallows...

god, niggers are such spineless slaves.

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Looks like they got their boy back in line, can't have free thinkers on the plantation

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Not just Jewish celebrities. Criticism of Israel war crimes makes you "anti semitic". Think the $20 billion we gave Israel last year was too much? Think it could go to help build hospitals for vets? That's very anti semitic of you

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BLACK CELEBRITIES? An oxymoron at best. I've been almost 30 years with Caribbean niggers and in that length of time could never adjust to or understand their mentality....the only real comedy I've seen in Jamaica was a nigger being forced to jump over the hood of a parked car as an oncoming vehicle tried to run it over....it was funny, and not from just a racial aspect, it was something like granny losing control of her wheelchair in downtown San Francisco. The niggers are being played for the natural fools they are and they actually think that they're being appreciated in a business that is really starving for genuine entertainment.

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Black celebrities are roughly 50% white. The rest of blacks are still roughly 20%. Caribbeans? They didn't race mix like American blacks.

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muh baste niggers


Niggers are learning nothing.

Niggers are being controlled as they have been for centuries when minds shift.

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Haha writing. Sure.

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Poor Bart. Went from yellow to nigger brown.

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WHY do niggers, UNLESS they are PARASITES at their SOUL, WANT to live among white people. It SHOULD be OBVIOUS to them, they CANNOT get ANYTHING but charity. They CANNOT have equality LEGISLATED.

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why do yous guys do this