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The movie black panther was made to give blacks a new back story. Since they have no written history, it's become canon

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Underrated comment!

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(((European slave traders)))

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The nigs selling nogs to the yids and the muds.

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the British had to actually bribe the native chiefs to stop slaving. they refused trading contracts with nations and tyrants who continued the practice. they felt it was their duty as christians to save these people and lift them up out of horrendous tyranny the likes you cannot fathom even when you read the old texts. cannibalism, eating every 2nd baby, constant attempted genocide of other tribes, daily torture for amusement and in the sickest ways possible, an average 3-week life span of the average slave because they were so plentiful and human life had zero value and these niggers when given power over another have no concept of how to show restraint, paths through the forest made out of human bones, etc. etc. literally hell on earth.

for zero gain to themselves the british spent an absolute fortune on trying to end slavery. in one year over half of their income was spent on it alone. and what thanks do they get for it? they get fucking blamed for it. if we get another chance i hope we never show these people a single shred of mercy. the jesus theory has failed. they are wild beasts, such an ideology will never be a fit for them. that paradise on earth crap can only exist if there's only white people on the world.

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Seems like it would have been much simpler and in line with African values to simply summarily execute the chief and top men of any tribe found trading slaves, no trial, just a bullet in the head.

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they'd have a new chief in days and nothing would change

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So, ending slavery was racist?

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Slavery is normal. Slavery never ends

Since ancient Babylonia to present day Dubai, Juarez to Nevada, slavery is still here

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Mechanisation and technological advances were the real reason slavery was abolished. It’s presented solely as a moral argument but the moral argument only became possible when the practical concerns had already begun to resolve themselves through innovation.

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We should capture them and sell them back.

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What did the Arabs do with their niggers?

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