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That's the way to do it. Jews should be met with ridicule every step of the way, they hate it when people don't take their fake outrage seriously.

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All of you guys should get on twitter. Seriously, we bullied the kikes so badly that they voluntarily took 48 hours off the other day in "protest" hahahaha

Sometimes I can't believe it's a free website. Right wing twitter is so much fun.

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I been telling the whole truth about the jews on twitter and been threatened with being reported daily and twitter has done nothing at all to stop me

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All of you guys should get on twitter.

I was on Twitter. Dropped it a week or two ago. I managed to avoid outright banning for many years, but I recently noticed a drop off in engagement and checked shadowban.eu. Yep, as expected, I was put behind a "Show more replies" filter:

"If Twitter's signals determine that an account might engage in harmful behavior, Twitter hides their replies behind a barrier and only loads them when "Show more replies" is clicked."

Well, what? I could live with it, or make a new account, but I decided to just drop it. It's a rigged game and I'm not playing it. I spent way too much time there anyways when I got more personally important things to do.

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I made a Twitter account last year with the intent to be an anti-Semite and racist, i.e. myself. My first action was to follow President Trump and my account was immediately suspended for suspicious behavior. I just deleted the account after that.

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How do you get around the cell phone number requirement. I used to do it all the time but now they ask for a cell phone number every time. I've used those sms phone services but they know about them now.

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Use the adl hate group list for donations

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The problem is jews aren’t reasonable. They are hellbent as a race on subjugating the world and poisoning the white race to the point where we are a shadow of our former selves, all mixed, and generally non-existent and constantly preyed upon by minorities

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Pretty funny when they start using ((())) to self-identify now. Just like the juden star they were given to wear on their coats/shirts. Now if we can only get them to dye their skin zyklon blue...

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We have a list of anti white jews

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Isn't that all of them?

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So every jew ever born since the dawn of the adamic race?

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You see which flags he places first.

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Yet they never seem to question why there is so much antisemitism.

[–] AttackHelicopter ago 

They've been expelled 1,030 times and still say they're just hated for no reason. You'll never get them to look in the mirror.

[–] Jujubean ago  (edited ago)

no, but you can get bystanders to question it, without getting labeled antijewzzz

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i'm gunna make a list of all the names of people who talked before teacher comes back!

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Now create a database of anti-based, anti-White Twitter accounts, so everyone can meet new friends.

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