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Are all kids who go to school now trained to say cultural appropriation and report with smartphone evidence?

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Yes. Defund public schools!

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They're trying very hard to be offended. Saw more smiles then frowns. More giggles then scoffs.

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This stream never got taken down compared to the black face one they kept shutting him down every 10 mins. He said he's going to have more characters soon like a Mexican one and a hook nose one.


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oh boy i can't wait for the jew stream

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Hook nose is the one that’ll get him arrested or assassinated. Kikes don’t fuck around about the oy veys.

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"You are canceled!" Like that's supposed to be a threat? Little shitskin got triggered QUICK when he said mooslim.

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The British-accent niggerfaggot was hilarious trying to pretend it wasn't extremely fucking triggered.

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What a pretentious little nigglet I bet he even thinks he's actually British

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It thinks it's people!

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Clip from the same stream explaining that expelling (((them))) won't work because they will keep coming back.

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I lived in China. This fucking nigger would get eaten alive because they hate niggers. Racist my ass. Chinese are the most racially aware people, regardless of being humane. They know that blacks just loot them.

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Can confirm. Lived and worked in China, too. They hate Africans more than we do . . .

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They've been practicing social distancing from them for a while.

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Chinese women are socially ostracized if they date blacks and Chinese men won't touch them. Parents will disown you for good if you bring home a black.

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Holy shit that is hilarious I don’t want to miss any of his streams, enjoyable non jewish redpilled entertainment. Thanks for posting fren

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Broken records about his teeth and mustache nearly the entire time because he can't think of anything else to say, so annoying.

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Well yeah is whole worldview is completely turned on its head we've seen this a lot with the people he encounters, complete short-circuiting of the poor nog brain

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