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So the kikes posting pedo stuff also work at the Jew York Times? What a cohencidence.

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I think OP is being satiric here to make a point.

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Hey, let's all give up our rights because the jew York Times writes a hit piece and lies about shit.

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The one unfortunate universal I've noticed on this site is how bad most people are at spotting parody. Guys. OP made a joke. Literally everyone in the comments thinks this is real.

I understand. There's a lot of news that's just as fake that NYT actually releases. That's why you at least look for a damn link.

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Yeah I thought the 'Bergstein' sign off would make it clear for anyone on the fence.

Speaks volumes about what we think of NYT though LOL.

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Amy Bergenstein

Every time.

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@Atko would fix it but he is in Zurich playing international man of mystery or he has been V& and he is dead.

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I miss Atko. Don't blame him for bailing on this shitshow, though.

[–] MaxineWaters ago 

Read what I said again, I didn't imply any of it was his decision.

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So, this POS "posted" them, meaning he had them in his possession (still does?) and admits to posting them.
It would seem to me that this POS should be charged, convicted, and thrown into the general population at
some nice, not safe, federal prison, and let the home folks take it from there.
Of course that's just me, I could be wrong....
And I'm betting it was one (multiple?) of those ######### (all numbers) accounts that keep showing up in
new (especially) .
Still, fuck him with a big donkey dick! And then hang him. . .

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[–] WorldClown [S] ago 

The thing is they are totally legal pics. No abuse, no nudity. The small working group that does this probably scrapes them off facebook family pages or something.

They are still being used to try and damage the site's image though.

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Yep, but still, it would be "enlightening" for this person to be brought forward and asked if he thought that
these pics (remember seeing some posts that alluded to these pics, but had better things to purse (HeyJackass.com)
so don't know what they actually contained) were actually "illegal", what are you doing with them, and why are you
posting / spreading them around?
Got told it was "satire" by another voater, but it's shit like this that makes me hate humanity even more.
Don't get me wrong, it's not the people, just humanity. . . Or maybe it is the people. . .
Maybe Harry Callahan got it right after all. . .

[–] CheeBooga ago 

Jews and their tactics. They have no power here. all jews are foreign enemy combatants.

[–] NewsGuy2020 ago 

I've never seen anything like that here.

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