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The numbers of masculine hetero White men who are selected for jury duty are fairly slim. Nullification requires a unanimous vote. One woman, fag, numale or invader can stop it. The courts have been kiked for over 100 years and the amount of laws that have erased through nullification post 1913 can be counted on one hand, and nearly all of them have been by niggers defending niggers or kikes subverting justice. Look at the James Fields trial for a typical example of the average jury in Weimerica. Nullification is only useful in all White nations where women are civilians without the rights of citizens.

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Good for you, we know full well that chimps always see a White person as guilty just because they saw an edited tictok video of them defending themselves. Only White people actually bother to determine the facts.

Chimps always put their race first, it's our duty to put ours first too.

Just look at the racial diversity hires imposed on the justice system, if you can't see that they are abusing their position to oppress White people then you need to wake up

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jury nullification is great in practice, but in reality if they catch a whiff of you knowing its an option you are booted.

And then if you aren't booted, you still have to convince every other juror.

Also your a piece of shit.