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Here is the part these do gooders do not understand.

So there is someone that pissed you off on the net and it is clear racism and not being funny to post a pic....that person is very likely to have a firearm.....very very likely to be used to adverse reactions, and lastly like to be paycheck to paycheck life.

So you get dude fired from their job, and now they know who did you social media handle.

So during a pandemic the likes were they cant get another job, and are left only to gather all that hate and vengeful fury to you.....just toil away working to find you for 10hrs a day and all those like you..... All because you gave them a new job.

It isnt smart when you back someone into a corner that you already fear.


[–] kawyzoqau 0 points 30 points (+30|-0) ago 

Tough to word this comment so alphabet agencies don't knock on my door.

I cannot advocate flying off the handle and killing people that ruin your life over a joke.

That said, it would help a lot if more people DID, uhm, things, to people that ruin their life over a joke.


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In minecraft


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It's the "battered wife" situation. The beatings will continue until the consequences change the situation. This is why I expect messy divorces to start ending in the wive dying and the husband getting off "for the good of the child". Because we have the principal of "for the good of the child" and we've seen wives destroy their husbands in divorce unfairly. When a husband has a wife that intends to destroy his life and he murders her, there will eventually be a jury that decides he was right. That the child is more important than his conviction and that the wive's actions justified murder as self-defense. Because when we look as battered wives it is typically only repeated physical abuse, but it justifies murder. Society has decided that domestic violence can escalate into justifiable homicide. Society could similarly justify homicide for a husband being destroyed by his wife in family court and with false acquisitions.

The forces of society are beating down white men in many way because the path has little resistance. When resistance forces society to pick a different path, that's when change will happen. And with that change will be a social shift in what is acceptable behaviour. For white men this might ultimately result in overt violent racism being acceptable. Because it will be easier to submit to white men than to fight them.

I really don't want it to go down this way. Because it will be ugly, bloody and ultimately destructive to the infrastructure of society. But I don't think the backdraft of soft resistance that got Trump elected will overturn the media and financial systems (like VISA) that have committed to the crusade against white men. And without a positive feedback loop that sways the public, the violent loop will be the result. But who knows, maybe those organizations will have revolutions that overthrow the current leaders and end their crusade. Which would give an opening for soft resistance to sway the public.


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You're advocating "culture of honor".


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Fuck the alphabet agencies. They're all going to have to be dealt with eventually. Maybe it's time to start making 'tannerite taxidermy' like that shitty meme.


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username checks out


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Here is the part these do gooders do not understand.

You think this has anything to do with comprehension?


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That’s the plan. Then when we finally do pop they’re going to make it into a “white people are killing everyone” thing, and beinn my go that they’ve classified white nationalism as a terrorist group it won’t be hard to wage a war on us. They ignore violence from their own while going 24/7 when we do ANYTHING. Just imagine if during the Virginia arms protest if anyone had had a negligent discharge, they would have used that for their propaganda machine and we would still be hearing about it. Black panthers do it yesterday and I haven’t heard a fucking peep, the “protest” is top post on reddit and not a single comment even mentions it.