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Hilarious when you consider the shrieking REEE's from everyone having to take phone calls from grandma complaining about how she can't go outside.

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I never wore a mask once. Now that our system of government has decided we are no longer even pretending to be America and the Governors of States now think they can create law with EO's like a President, I'm opting out entirely of this system of government until it remembers that it works for me, not the other way around.

Fuck America, it died long ago and the animated skeleton still controlling the population under the influence of a legal system written by corporate monopolies is not a system of government I recognize. Burn this shit down and lets start over, it's long past due.

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Taxation is slavery. The government hates me.

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The president doesn't have a constitutional power to make laws by executive order, that's yet another usurpation of our liberties

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It made sense to wear masks back in March in April before we knew much about the virus. Now that we know it's not much worse than the flu the masks make zero sense.

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Agreed, when we didn't know what it was, most measures could be considered not overboard, provided they were short term.

Mandated lockdown, masks, whatever for a few weeks early on, okay. We can work with that. This ongoing moving goal-post that is their catch-all for endless government encroachment? NOPE!

The time for mandatory measures and lockdows has long passed. We know what the virus is. People can manage their own risks. Just like in life, life is not without risk.

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Yup. They probably would have gotten better buy-in had they been honest from the beginning. Something like “look guys, it doesn’t stop the spread but it does help. Until the science gives us some better answers, we recommend that you wear one.”

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I love how they dont even TRY and put a duration on how long were supposed to wear masks. Its basically a politician saying: “Start wearing what I tell you to wear and I will decide arbitrarily when you are allowed to stop.”

Fuck that. If it comes to the point where people want to use force to try and mandate masks, then so be it, hand me a gun because Im ready for civil war.

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I can't wait for the first CA Governor EO to force everyone to buy Tesla's from now on, or mandating X amount of all produce purchased by Wisconsin cheese in Wisconsin..

You know for sure shit like that will be happening, eventually, outright in the open now that it's really no longer necessary to "patriot act" or "freedom act" it for the public to accept it without rebellion.

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The only mask I would ever wear in public, https://i.ibb.co/mct8KwR/must-wear-the-mask.png

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But you won’t

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Because they could identify me? Oh wait... I know, because they could ask me to remove my mask? Oh wait, that would be "dangerous". Uh.... why wouldn't I again?

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Make sure you wear a helmet when you ride your bike. Wear your seatbel while is a car. Wear a helmet if you ride your motorcycle. Wear a life jacket while you enjoy your boat. Don't smoke in public buildings (this one a agree with). Swim between the flags at the beach. And many more..... Give them an inch and they just keep asking and demanding more.

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My state has no helmet law for motorcycles, but it does for kids riding bikes.

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You should do almost all of these things regardless of whether or not they tell you to. If you do not want to do something then you should not do it but pointing to these examples, like seatbelts, as some sort of unreasonable government overreach is a bit dumb. I would be more pissed off that I cannot buy a more inexpensive vehicle because they require these things than I am that I have to use the things the vehicle I buy comes with.

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I.m not saying you shouldn't do these things. I question how the government has the power to fine or arrest me for not doing them.

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Exactly, I was thinking the other day that more people would wear masks if it wasn't mandatory.

Mandatory masks = erosion of rights far worse than their scamdemic.

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instead of wearing masks, wear a hijab. It shows two things - we will comply with your mess in our own way, while also making a clear statement that we no longer believe america is for the civilized (whites).

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If you guys really want to impress someone with your rebellion, stop paying your taxes. But you won't because you just want to act tough. "You can't make me wear a mask. Fight me Wallmart employee making minimum wage!"

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