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Good God... Can you imagine disowning Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho?! And for trying to be mend human relationships on the internet. And by someone way less black.

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hahaha. A woman who doesn't understand civility vs Terry Crews. I'll take Crews. Crews was molested by those hollywood heebs.

He knows what's up.

[–] dassaer 3 points 3 points (+6|-3) ago 

Lmao, OFCourse he knows 'what's up', that is why he's still in hollyweird and on tv, 'dancing, singing, wearing dresses and generally acting like a house monkey' for (((them))). Hes an avid degenerate 'will smoke cock, for work' moon-cricket ....

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And now he's on a horse!

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I can imagine someone in Hollywood imagining it

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I really don’t have that much venom for Blacks. I don’t want them dead, subjugated or impoverished; I just don’t want them near me. When I visit the zoo, I see the lion enclosure and I marvel and admire a fantastic, natural killing machine. That doesn’t mean I want them wandering my neighborhood.

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The mixed ones are always the most hateful and extreme. They have to hate extra hard to prove their blackness.

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I've never fully understood why they automatically pick the black side when they are mixed... I guess it is some old time thing to make sure they don't lose their "blackness". Even if they have 1/8 in them from their grandparents, they still claim black. It seems like in todays era they claim every race above white when they are mixed.

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Elizabeth Warren Syndrome

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Hierarchy of victimhood.

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It's because picking the black side is the one that gets all the benefits. Privileges, you might say.

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Do you want to be the smartest black person or the dumbest white person?

[–] CrackerSlant ago 

This is fucked up, I grew up with all Whites and acted the part but never accepted as a White and I would get upset if people called me Asian names. Grown up later in life I accept my Asian side but also understand I will never be accepted by the Asians either.

Now we have a multitude of mixed White/ Niggers who call themselves full blooded nigger, do the dark shitskins really accept the mixed niggers as full nigger. Look at Bubba Smollett, both are mixed. Hussein Obama, mommy was White.

[–] DohBoy ago 

Oh shut up, gook.


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"you ain't black"

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That must have been Joe's message "to go".

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This is called the Serpent Seed theory, and basically states that Eve's first son was by the serpent, not Adam.

The idea is that it explains why the bible says God cursed Eve's reproduction, and why the description of the first vs. second/third sons and their deeds have such stark contrast, which don't really have good explanation in the standard biblical interpretation. If true, then these Canaanites would be the people who call themselves 'Jews' now.

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Makes sense, he has been pushing hard against the agenda driven left. Of the things I can recall at the top of my head, he called out fatherlessness in black homes, he called out porn addiction, these are among the things they have been shitting all over him for.

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They seem to be confusing white people and (((white))) people.

[–] ratsmack 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Otherwise known as fellow white people.

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Says the worthless nigger. At least Nigger Crews can act.

[–] dassaer ago 

Yess, yesss "act niggerrr, act" ...

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He knows about the jews. He is an ally.

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Oh Terry... folks like you remind me that I would rather be an assimilationist civnat... but that's a fantasy world, for children. Facing reality won't allow me to be one.

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