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The nigger whipper 6gozillion

[–] robot7247 ago 

Imagine that flogging it's way through a field of watermelons.

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That or the nigger whipper 5000 would do.

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You can find them on the used market.

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have a bullbar that deflects all pedo-strians to the sides across tungsten carbide serrated knives.... or engine drive meat grinders so none of the tar demon fucks interferes with the transmission or tyres at all

[–] WolvenWargod [S] ago 

That'd need a helluva PTO

[–] theweatherintelaviv ago 

That's an idea. I was talking to someone about a razor covered car recently. About an hour later he chimed up asking about it and I was like.... that was a joke. But how much do you want to build it for me?

[–] New-World-Ebola ago 

the old steam trains had cow catchers on the front... so make a sheboon catcher with horizontal knives welded on the sides

[–] Manintights ago 

This is why I keep coming back to these boards...ROFL

[–] CC39 ago 


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