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Server rooms don't have wet systems. They have a dual action systems, meaning the system needs two triggers to deploy(IR and temp). When triggered the open nozzle system floods the room with a semi-nontoxic heavier than air gas mixture.

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I used to work at a large Data Center several years ago and they actually had sprinklers above the racks. Asked management about it when I first came on board and they said that if a server caught fire the plan was to isolate, contain and consider all within that colo a loss. That the other colos would pick up the load if they were running clustered services. I'm a server tech though so not 100% on the method of operations for critical facilities.

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That sounds believable. Most of my experience with this situation is gov/military work as a private contractor.

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Correct with server rooms. Usually FM200. What I'm talking about is a server farm which would be ridiculous to protect with FM200 (and deadly). Double interlock preaction is usually what is installed triggered by heat detectors and sprinkler operation.

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There still wouldn't be water in the pipe to boil until after the trigger.

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This isn't that helpful. What would be helpful is a map of all Twitter, Facebook, google and youtube cloud data centers.

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I can't really help you there. I know of the location of some of those companies data centers, as well as some others, but I'm not going to disclose that information. You can find many of them by searching the internet for the info.

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In my place they created a considerable artificial lake around the data center... Just in case.

But hey! If you don't like data centers please just unplug your life from internet or create your own internet network. Cheers

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In that case it was probably the cheaper option. Big business is always about the cheapest option when it comes to construction. My experience has been that they even build the data centers typical even at differnet locations. I know of one tech company that built six of them at one time in three separate states and they were all the same layout.

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Fed posting. This person is inciting terrorism with the goal of using it to shut Voat down. Downvoat when you see this shit please and call it out.

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Fuck off retard. I don't work for the fucking government. I work in fire protection. No one is telling anyone to do anything. Just wanted to spread some knowledge I've gained through experience.

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So what are you suggesting? Sounds like domestic terrorism to me