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Act like a nigger, die like a nigger.

Bullets will raise the IQ of the USA by the year’s end

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That fuckin jacket say "Coolest monkey in the jungle"?


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Do you remember that massive chimp out in South Africa because of this hoodie that H&M made?

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I actually dont but you have given me something to look up.

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Doesn't matter.

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Every problem contains the solution.

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16 Year Old Black Male Executed In CHAZ, SUV filled with bullets, Where is the body cam footage?

I don't see the kids with a gun, Was he unarmed? Why didn't they shoot them in the tires?

Why are no pics of the kid being released? Is this being swept under the rug by the media?

The only explanation, CHAZ is run by the KKK.

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I haven't seen anything about the shooters race.

I'm sure he's a white guy and the media is just using white supremacy tactics to protect him (sarcasm)