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Fuck the police, and fuck the commie niggers.

You don't have to pick a side in this one.

Any White man who supports police (sheriffs excluded. Sheriffs and deputies is how Whites have handled law enforcement for thousands of years) is a cuck faggot.

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Yea the sheriffs aren’t masonic lol

You fucking dumb nigger you just did the same trick you said not to fall victim to in the first sentence lol

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locally elected sheriffs are masonic?

I'm not talking about the current batch of likely commie retard cultist sheriffs.

I'm speaking about the institution, and long standing tradition elected sheriffs represent.

Sorry for not spelling it out as though I am addressing a group of 9 year olds the first time.

[–] New-World-Ebola ago 

i'll transport both of you kikes

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You think they want less policing? Not, they want to control the police.

If they can get rid of a sizable portion of the current police and replace them with their people, they'll be able to police and push their agenda with "legitimate authority". If the police wasn't partly in their hands, the grooming gangs would get blasted and it's only because they are not fully in control of the police that grooming gangs scandal got out.

Don't think for a second that they are lolbertarians, they are bolsheviks and look at the history of bosheviks to see what they want to do.

[–] New-World-Ebola ago 

police and niggers are both symptoms of the jew.

[–] peacegnome ago 

As far as the rape gangs, BLM riots, etc. they simply need to post public information about what crimes they want the public to take care of. What they are doing now (persecuting the victims) is not sustainable, and opens them to many issues, at least in the US (most european countries are fucked).