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We are not anywhere near the brink of a civil war just because a handful of braindead niggers want to do away with police and tear down statues.

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No it is.

Spent the last few weeks in NY and surrounding states. Cops have in all reality said fuck it.

Niggers and the likes have only to cross the threshold into chaos and cops won't be coming to rescue people. They will investigate the murders, but fuck crime prevention anymore.

NYC is fucking insane man...... absolutely insane. I was watching niggers shoot mortars (fireworks) into the flight path of landing aircraft, and all that happened is NYFD asked them to stop.....they said fuck you and kept doing it.....cops never came.

Watching them throwing fireworks on to cross island and Bronx Expressway and nothing happened to them.

This is just NYC......imagine other places, and think that it is localized to just one place? Lol

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And you think people will rise up against them and fight these niggers in the street? Or is it more likely that the police will arrest anyone who dares (less violent, more stable targets), and these BLM & antifa goons will terrorize the populace into accepting tyranny?

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Your government allowed the ruling religious class to crash airplanes into rigged skyscrapers... 20 years ago.

Slow walking bitch

[–] lanre ago 

And if that didn't set things off, you think some niggers acting like niggers is going to get white people to wake up?

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only it wont. its not civil war, its just you being terrorized by domestic terrorists while you all wait for the govt to save you from them through system.

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Let this worthless corpse of a nation burn

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Americans lack virtue.

That’s why there’s going to be some war.

[–] Bill_Williamson ago 

That isn't it. Niggers don't give a fuck about some statue. Only... 1in6 of the 'protesters' is even a nigger I read. It's about revenge and hate. Shit won't stop until one group is dead which is why, NOW!!! is the time to go at them.

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the niggers and kike faggots will never be a functional army for anything other than burning down property. They are all fucking cowards who will run for the hills as soon as bullets start flying at them.

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Ok then.....

I see it different because I am actually out in the real world all the time. Going from place to place, meeting new people, getting a sense of their mindset.

Actually meeting people face to face you see....not having a view jaded by an online presence. I am no different here than I am in real world.

I admit I am racist.....don't care what others thing because this is America, and I can be. I don't have to confirm to their idea.

I also own my business because fuck being someone's bitch again.

Perhaps to assert yourself you must first learn self reliance?

[–] shillaccount3344 ago  (edited ago)

They want you to think that blacks can't be used effectively as an army so you underestimate them.

Your supposed to prepare for the worst. They and we always focus on whites victories but never on our losses.

We lost all those cities in the US to blacks. We never used to go to africa because of malaria and black armies like the numbians, kush, moors etc that all had victories over us at one point or another.

They had numbers and muscle and we had our intelligence but intelligence didn't win the day back then. It wasn't until firearms that we started to have the power to deal with them. Which is part of the reason they want to have us disarmed.

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Yeah man, those dumb kikes totally never had a functioning army or secret police in their USSR.

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were there nigger armies in the USSR? wow thanks for the edjewcation, kike.