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they are less than 2% of the population. militant fags and jew media would have you believe that theyre 40%

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Even ((((psychiatry)))) admitted this not long ago.

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I don’t doubt if there isn’t a group of people that feel homo. What with everything in our water supply, vaccines, food hormones etc. They are victims of hormonal/chemical warfare. I mean then there’s your traditional degenerate faggots too. We need address the biological warfare before we just kill them all I think.

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fucking kill them ALL.

[–] Bill_Williamson ago 

Looks like bernie sanders got himself a gimp :D

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All lgbtq shit is mental retardation. Anyone who supports the illness is also mentally ill. In fact there are programs that help fags fix themselves but it gets demonized, of course.

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Disagree. Faggotry is a degeneracy. Trans (furries) is the mental disorder. Degenerates can be perfectly sane.

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Disagree. Homosexuality is a fetish; like being a furry or being sexually aroused by feces. Trans is the mental disorder.

edit: No - I think you're right that faggotry is a degeneracy, but it is more correct to call it a fetish. Being a furry is only a mental disorder if you really believe it and you're not playing pretend.

I think I'm thinking about this too much.

[–] FreeinTX ago 

Fetishes are usually degenerate, so, ok.

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