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If you end up being a cash only buyer you will have no credit history and won’t be able to take advantage of any financing. Well financing is definitely one aspect of the enslavement system it’s not everything and you will be Unable get a home in properly raise a family.

Using up to 30% of your credit card and paying it off at the end of every month using it for things like groceries and your bills will allow you to build up a healthy credit score

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Wrong. You don't need a mortgage to properly raise a family. You know nothing about a proper family.

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I have three grandkids you stupid Nigger

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If you start early investing in properly designed (i.e, using the IBC method) whole life insurance policies, you can finance your own life by borrowing up to the policy's cash value while still accruing dividends and interest on the entire cash value as if you had never loaned out anything.

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Debit card still gives the bank a cut. Maybe on the side of the seller for the privilege of allowing card sales. That's why some small shops have a minimum amount in order to use a card - Theu don't sell enough volume to get a bulk discount and may lose money and lots on small tranaactions.

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This is true, but not as big as the credit card. This is why many gas stations offer a discount for debit (or just charge a higher premium for credit).

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I game the system. I pay it off every month and never have a fee. I get well over $1000 a year in cash alone.

I just received another card where they gave me $600 in bonus points if I spent $4 k in 6 months.

We just bought a new furnace (with no additional fees for using our card) and knocked those off in one purchase.

But if you can’t game the system like this, then credit is evil and should be avoided.

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What card has the $600 bonus points? And what other cards are you using to earn so much in rewards?

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You have to have excellent credit to get them.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card was the one with $600 bonus. It had $95 fee but I made even more than 600 with purchases. It was sent to me in the mail. I won’t renew that one because of the fee.

My other card from BofA gives me 3 points for every dollar I spend on web purchases and my Costco Citi card gives me 2-4 points per dollar that I spend on gas, restaurants, etc.

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Psa you are retarded if you didn't already know this, plus you pay more for what ever you buy... Because you eat the price

It's like 2%

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You don't pay more for paying cash, ever.

Some people think you have to carry a balance and pay interest for them to make money. They don't know they take about 3% of every transaction from the merchant.

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You do pay more for paying cash. There are rewards associated with card use; that fee is built into merchants pricing. If you use cash money, you’re giving the merchant the extra money. If you use a card, you’re giving the card company the extra money.

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Usually if in a big purchase I always ask if cash discount.

They take out the credit card costs

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Also it's a reason they hate American Express...I think they charge the most

You will find you will get a big no no with them

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And good post by the way, I've thought about it a lot lately. It's kind of a racket how banks/paymen processors/PayPal etc get to profit on basically everything everyone buys and sells.

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Even if you use a debit card, you still give them your purchasing habits to make money off of.

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Is Amex or Discover better than Visa/mastercard?

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Most restaurants and gas stations, near me, have a lower cash price.