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The goal needs to be to convince white women

You are still incredibly blue pilled. There is no "convincing" women. As long as you perceive women to be rational actors who can be logically convinced of doing things to their own benefit and yours, reality will continue to bite you in the ass.

The more likely scenario, is that the power of the state to prevent men from recognizing each others' property rights is diminished, and suddenly women find it very difficult to run away to big cities or whore around. Husbands and fathers are able to discipline misbehaving women without other men interfering, and engage in legitimate marriage contracts where the woman can be transferred from the father to the husband, also without other men interfering. Men suddenly are not fucking the daughters or wives of men they know and respect, and third parties look the other way when men whose property has been violated take action against offenders.

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ya ive come to the conclusion women are more easioy brainwashed and tricked by jew tactics then any other group. femenism empowered and started by jews is the leading cause of americas decline. women the supposed peacefull ones went right along with every fucking war america has been in even though their vote could have changed it all! they vote for the fucking pieces ofnshit who send their sons to fight jewish banker wars. its truly disgusting

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This is the absolute truth.

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There will be a race war because there is a race war and there has been a race war. The race war began decades ago, and white people have spent the entire war thus far in retreat. Retreat hasn't worked because the enemy always follows us. We retreat, they advance. We are already beginning to run out of places to retreat to. All of Western Europe is just as compromised politically as the US. We have people whose ancestors never set foot east of the Oder talking about moving to Poland or Russia. Retreat is no longer a realistic option.

We need to put a stop to this madness, not keep doing what hasn't ever worked.

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Eventually, but the OPs timeline is more probable.

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I agree with that other niggerfaggot about you being blue pilled as all fuck. Not only are you a we're all Americans type of left leaning centrist but the whole women shit is laughable as well. You need to reject it all and start fresh in the country fiercely defending your territory. Seriously run niggers out and be known as the most hateful place in all the lands. Become so despicable that the media cannot help but talk about you and let them have their fun calling you Amish tier incels. You need to say yep, once you go black you can't go back and then instantly get back to work so they know in their hearts you're rejecting their ability to ever come back to whites and then you need to succeed so that you set the example of what's possible. As the cities crumble women will have no choice but to see you doing well, know that any former blackings will not be tolerated, etc. and they will eventually come to you. You might have to go a few years without a warm cock pocket but that's the price of telling roasties no. The prize you gain though is a decent woman plus a life worth living and defending. Just do keep in mind that society stems from demographics which means niggers are incompatible no matter how much you don't want that to be true. Same is true of the chinks, poos and everyone else. Birds of a feather flock together for a reason.

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If we build it they will come as they always have in the past.

Yes, yes they will. Anywhere whites go the brown plague follows. The jew will make sure any given area isn't too white. Don't believe it? Look at what Obama tried to do by withholding federal tax dollars to any "city" that wasn't diverse enough. I'm talking cities with populations of 25,000 people, exactly the type of place you're talking about.

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Yep. Most 'racist' whites just want blacks to stay the fuck away from them. They move away, run away from them even. Yet, a few years later, there they are.

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Nicely written. +1.

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More fairy tales.

Women do not flock to the countryside to bang cowards. They're attracted to money, power and men of courage, you ninnies. lol

No matter how badly chickens get beat, they are convinced that they have all the answers. By golly they know!

Well, you don't. You were wrong then, you're wrong now, and you'll be wrong in the future. Dead wrong.

Why are you wrong? Because you know nothing about history and refuse to learn. You'd rather make it up as you go along, and do things the way you feel like doing them. Well surprise! It doesn't work.

This is the white chicken's fatal flaw, not "empathy" or whatever back slapping virtue you've assigned yourselves this month...other than being chickens.

You guys are REALLY scared of uniforms, terrified. I bet I could put a bunch of uniforms on a stick and take over this whole godamned place. That and a few "keep off the grass" signs.

You'd better hope these commies don't figure out what a surplus store is. lol

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Yeah... fleeing and let them the things whites build would be a good idea. Maybe we pay them taxes and leave them womens and daughters too? Oh and i forgot, we use no borders so the "smart" ones can parasite till eternity? Nice try schlomo!

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'Live unhappily' umm, NO. We're White, life is fantastic and niggers can starve. Most of them (especially their women) could stand to lose some weight.

The last thing Obongo did, was sign a bill for section 8 housing. They plan to make it so there isn't a single White area in America. So what we need to do, is make it clear to spooks that they aren't welcome. Same goes for drugs. KILL YOUR LOCAL DRUG DEALER.

This bit is... optimistic though; "We need to take care of the poor among us with compassion privately through churches, organizations and quiet good will.". The churches are an absolute joke in this country. The 'amazing race' bit is also gay. Other than that, good stuff.

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