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Jews working together to undermine freedom????? Whhhhhhhhhaaaaaatttttt

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It's time the republican lead senate step in and the president issue a new executive order.

Another blue team vs red team, hurr durr! post... the IQ around here keeps dropping everyday.

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Having a discussion about politics with cuckservatives, or worse, evangelical christian cuckservatives is absolute torture. You watch them try and put the round peg in the square hole over and over and over again to no affect. You try and convince them there is more to the game than left and right wing politics, and they go “muh Q, muh Trump, muh Israel, race doesn’t matter as long as they vote republican, demoncrats are the REAL racists...”

After a while you get bored of watching the idiots blather ineffectually and give up on them.

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Pretty close. It's more evident to me that forcing an EO is exactly the response this kind of strategy is intended to create.


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Whats the alternative framework to work within?

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Yeah, you keep complaining about it in your online diary called voat.

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It had nothing to do with the jews on TV. I hate muslims and the jew does too.

At one point I thought we were lucky to have people who were so willing to grind up some pakis 'on our side'

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What? It can't be, if jews were always like this someone would've warned us!

Oh...Ford and Nixon warned us in the 1900s? And Hitler and the Kaiser?

Oh...Wagner warned us in the 1800s?

Voltaire warned us in the 1700s? Martin Luther in the 1500s? Multiple Popes in multiple centuries? So this started about a thousand years ago?

Wait...you say the Romans had incessant problems with them? They warned us 2000 years ago?

No, it can't be...

[–] jokersmild ago 

Next you'll be saying that Jesus tried eating people about the Jews also?

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China owns Reddit, with the Jews

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Censorship is violence.

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This comment is a violent assault on censors

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Any criticism of the media will be called violence while in the same breathe they wish death on Trump and his supporters. Violence against a Trump supporter is justice not violence to them. Trump tweets a wrestling meme of a CNN smack down, well obviously he is inciting violence onto the innocent normie news journalists. Because they're pussies that need an excuse to push their extremists further and further. People are free to see an endless amount of this violence condoned by the media on top of an onslaught of porn and degeneracy. But if they happen to hear even the simplest idea resembling a conservative opinion, well thats just not acceptable friends. Welcome to your new clown world. Honk. Honk. Good luck America.

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Good! Censors are enemies of the republic. Most likely Chi-Com or Jew.

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It could be dangerous to notice.

If you attempt to subvert the censors, you will only cause yourself to be harmed with more immediacy than your peers.

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be wary of the false ploy.. the push to get them to make these 'public services' thus cementing their monopolies, then introducing govt hate speech laws.

the narrative is that the left controls the internet.. which they do.. however the internet is what won Trump the presidency. so they're not exactly in control are they? there are still scores of people who access non-mainstream information. What these alt-sites need is unregulated funding... e.g what Obama did for climate change companies. Trump can do the same to help fund and encourage free-speech alternatives, without government enforcing itself upon the industry. But he won't. This whole thing screams like order out of manufactured chaos with Trump in on it just as much as the dems.

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You hit the nail on the head. It'll either be a push for nationalization of bit tech or a large amount of regulation thus making it impossible for startups to compete.

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This is where I see things going. There's a parallel with another conversation occuring now in (what currently passes for) American society.

One one hand, provoke one segment of the population to demand that the government do something! about those mean tech companies!

On the other hand, provoke another segment of the population to demand that government do something! about those mean local police!

The end result will be a nationalized, federal police force and nationalized tech companies backed by the full authority (and force) of the federal government, which is just full of good people who have a long history of never abusing their authority and always doing the right thing!

[–] OyGoy 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

Trump bring the biggest jew cocksucker available is what won Trump the presidency.

[–] philomath 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

It’s a matter of getting non main stream finding at this point. When visa and MasterCard can unilaterally decide who can operate on the internet, they control its.

[–] AlphaOmega ago 

Trump can’t fund anything that calls out Jews. It’s a stalemate, man.

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In a capitalist society, businesses compete with each other, not collude. At this point it's obvious that all these tech and media outfits are run by a small group of people who collude every single day.

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as @Reinhart says - it's an open-market theory not capitalism. Even the top communists are capitalists.

And there has never been any time that the people at the top don't collude. It's consumer driven.

[–] Reinhart ago 

In a free-market, you mean.

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No shit.

This is why it is more important than ever to agree and amplify ad ridiculum.

When a company touts how progressive they are with their pet blacks, say how it is a literal hate crime there are no black trans people.

When liberals talk about how woke they are say their voice is unimportant and displacing BIPOC voices. They need to shut up and donate money or they are part of the problem.

Whenever women's issues are brought up, dismiss them because trans, undocumented, indigenous people's problems are way worse.

Call anyone discussing global warming who has children or does not follow a vegan diet and communist living standards a hypocrite.

Alinsky thinks stressing systems works because he assumes all systems are like those on the left, they can be stressed to breaking or are abandoned as soon as it is inconvenient or unpopular.

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Yes, but also no.

Unfortunately they have a pre-programmed defence against exactly this type of attack...

"ugh, that's just what about ism"

"it's a systemic issue"

"haktually I do 'X' "

Thats not to say that this cannot be or isn't an effective first salvo. But be ready for the above mentioned 'come backs'

The Blue Pill victims, don't realise the full extent of it, they are just repeating what they have been programmed, but the goal of these kind of counters is to give them the advantage, and force the conversation into a 'space' where they can dominate and put you on the back foot.

The main thing to realise about the bluepill method for countering critical thought is the rapid shifting from 'personal responsibility' to 'systemic responsibility', back and forth.

This is why if you have ever tried to debate with these kinds of people, it's a bit like trying to nail down jelly.

It's how ((they)) insulate bluepill victims from their own hypocrisy.

I don't have time to go into detail right now, but if that first opening salvo you have mentioned there gets resistance, pin it onto something physical and or tangible, when in doubt, follow the money.

Another good move is to let them believe they are winning you over, then use that to keep it on specifics (to prevent personal/systematic goalpost shifts) and walk them into a really solid redpill box

[–] theBreadSultan 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

This is why we should welcome the newcomers.

Their power is based on their numbers and reach

[–] HappyMealBullshit 3 points 0 points (+3|-3) ago 

Not surprising a faggot who wants to be a moderator and have power over people welcomes more faggot sheeple. Seriously, fuck off. You are not a contributor and no wants to see your shit.

[–] theBreadSultan 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

What the fuck are you talking about. I've been on voat longer than you, and I've not tried to become a mod of anything, and I'm eloquent enough at exposing subversive narratives and teaching others how to effectively Redpill both online and Irl that my account is attacked by bots.

People with your attitude play directly into ((their)) hands. If this is a small, inward looking isolated echo-chamber then it will achieve not just nothing, but a negative towards the Redpill cause.

Because you will give people the illusion that they are doing something, and thus they will be wasting their energies preaching to the choir.

It is precisely the people who have been afraid to question, we must teach to question. We should encourage to question.

It's through people asking questions of what they believed to be ((facts)), and through that line of enquiry becoming aware of the large scale deception that we can begin to Redpill people.

Just shouting

"You believe X but actually Y is true, and you're a dumb faggot for not realising that" is only going to lodge the bluepill further down their gullet and make it harder for the next person to actually deliver an effective Redpill.

We are up against the most sophisticated, powerful, and all encompassing propoganda campaign the world has ever seen. It is well funded, highly organised, uses advanced social and behavioural science, and has access to the very latest analytical and ai technologies. It does not recognise borders, and has successfully recruited millions of well meaning people who think they are helping themselves and their communities while actually destroying themselves and serving only their ((benefactors))

And those that are caught in this Web are not even necessarily stupid either, it's what makes it so effective and dangerous. Intelligence is no immunity to their control and subversion, but does give the illusion of it.

Redpill those who are not yet Redpilled, and give them the tools to Redpill at least 2 others IRL.

Thats what in my mind, a true goat does.

Calling people faggot and posting for Internet points is the method of kids (as in baby goats) and the ((shill bots))

FYI if I wanted to subvert Voat right now, I would do everything I can to fill the front page with content that would put off as many bluepill Ed and previously bluepill Ed reddit refugees as possible.

Less reach, less impact, less effect.

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Fuck off

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That theory that's its about invading Palestine was interesting....


[–] fuckinghell ago 

Link's broken now.. funny, that.

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We've been here before. Gamergate was the micro to the macro of what's going on now. Albeit a much larger Crossing of the Rubicon.

There's no going back. They'll never be the "standard"/staus quo platform ever again. In their desperation they've played their hand. It's only a matter of time til they achieve full obsolescence. From top of the world to "Lol, wtf is MySpace/Geocities?" level of meme irrelevancy in less than a decade (and probably across-the-board executions for their troubles too).

And to think it all got rolling because a bunch of thirsty game journo twerps played interference for an ugly, talentless, pink-haired hipster blubberslut who wanted to larp as a game designer and wasn't afraid to fuck a few jewy omega-tier nerds to get positive gamesmedia coverage.

Reminder to those that would follow:

Thirsty boys = Opportunistic girls = Everything you built going to shit. Where boys can't stabilize and build, they will destroy.

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