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Why would you need stats for something so obvious?

If people actually believe things like "black people are dumb because they are poor", their thinking is not in line with observable reality. Theirs is a religious belief, one that they take on in order to fit in and get along with less individual conflict. They will be convinced only when those who do not deny reality seem more powerful, influential, and capable of maintaining peace. Such is life for a normie.

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But that's exactly why they aren't swayed by arguments; None of their beliefs arose internally. They were all externally fed to them and have no connection with reality.

They fight you harder because they're beliefs, not direct knowledge. It's like telling a muslim there's no God

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We don't have to "believe" anything here. It's just the truth. Whining about it and legislating it doesn't change the fact that it's nature. It's a reason why we won't lose.

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What about all those race traitors and coal burners?

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Fucking saved. I get so tired of saying, or alluding to, that we're all different species or subspecies and people looking at me like I'm retarded and replaying with, "It's only skin deep."

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Just point to a German Shepherd and a Corgi. They may be dogs.... But that's about where the similarities end... I'm ok with People with black skin if they're good people... Same with just about anyone, but not all niggers are black. Niggers aren't really people. Some of the shit I've seen them do isnt human. I'll never forget the chainsaw to the neck video. Or The south Africa videos where they dragged people back into tire fires and held them there.

Say what you will about ISIS, at least they shoot or behead you.

Not something I thought I'd say, but damn if it ain't true in clown world.

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Yeah. We can get pretty vitriolic because of the current social milieu, but I think that most of us don't hate Black People. We aren't hating on Black People. We are hating on niggers, and there's as big a difference there as there is with June Cleaver and Peggy Bundy. It's just that Black People are so outnumbered by niggers that it overwhelms the entire race. Much much more so than all other races. All races have their niggers, it's just that blacks have an exponentially higher percentage than others.

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I try. They say that it's different and that they think scientists have said we're all the same. They never have any sources or an explanation on how we're different from every other species on earth tho.

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And then one day all the bags of extorted money started showing ads and commercials all day long of mixed race couples so the really dumb followers would think they had a bright idea about that. White girl will fuck black man and have dumber kid than she would have had with a White man. But her importance is so overwhelming that her mulatto bastard have some kind of wheezy effect on the other one billion noggers.

Girl brains don't like math very much.And sometimes those girl brains like words too much and the meaning not enough.

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Oh ya? Well I've got one or two anecdotes about one black man in which he acted practically as if he was white.

Checkmate, racists.

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Yeah. Well, I know a black fambly that doesn't rob anyone, mows their lawn and lays their bills on time. Paint Job Theory Is REAL!!

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I've completely stopped referring to them as different races and just call them different species as they are.

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no biological basis

who the fuck would believe that? you're black nigger, did you get burned on the way out? wtf

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Pass it on: tiny.cc/AFDAR

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East Asians live in technologically advanced metropolises, while sub-Saharan Africans live in squalid and septic conditions, often suffering from scarcity of food and other resources.

When describing the squalid conditions, don't fall into the mental trap of using verbs like suffering, enduring, languish. It's of their own doing, therefore use verbs like enjoy, benefit, thrive. Will certainly get the attention of the indoctrinated, and even if they counter your point, the seed has been planted.

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Interesting, the Australian Aborigen's skull is so different to say the least. The meaning of race trascends mere scientific facts and sets itself in stone on the main driving wheels of human nature. Cultures, traditions, and the very important sense of belonging. To believe that multiple races can live together peacefully is foolish to say the least because anyone wary enough will notice miscegenation brings nothing but confusion and a faulty population that hold no tie with their own neighboors.

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