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I’m ambivalent about it. Most will leave quickly and a few good ones will stay.

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Hazing is critical

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Honestly, not seeing a whole lot this time. Occasional faggot comments, but nothing like the Q-tards.

[–] Aeioulmao ago 

what’s wrong with trying to redpill normies? it’s a great time to do it.. do you wanna keep your jew secret to yourself or get as much people in the known?

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Cringe Anarchy was a magical place. Reddit was dead to me after they killed it.

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More meat for the voat army.... we will sort out the fags jews and niggers with out tactful language/discourse

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Fuck your whining.

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Once they see all the nigger and jew talk, they’ll either take the red pill or leave. I have faith that many will stay around and learn.

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Think this time it all got directed toward other alternatives.