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The bastards behind it are

Hachette Book Group

Harper Collins &

Penguin Random House

Hachette belongs to Lagardère Group, A french company that has sold off anything with names anyone would recognize. The rest of it is a bunch of Eurotrash babbling nonsense

Wiley and Sons and Penguin Random House are the pricks trying to get it shut down.

Penguin Random House is owned by Bertelsmann. Thomas Rabe oversees Bertelmenns and he started out with the EU in some long winded financial directorate commissioned officer position. He joined his company up with some unholy EU socialist government oversight called "Societas Europaea". He's obviously the bastard offspring of not enough manual labor. and too much ease. Bertelmens is BMG music and quite few other things.

Penguin publishing is the poisoned well. They are Crown Publishing which has 14 publishing houses. DK is Complete idiot guides. Doubleday which has more than 10 publishing houses. Penguin has 14 houses under it's name. Penguin Young Readers Group has 14 publishing companies under it's name. Random House has 10.

It goes on and on. Good luck ever buying a book they don't get money out of.

Harper Collins is a subsidiary of New Group which is of of course Rupert Murdoch.


These horrendous pieces of shit make money and that's their only purpose in life. Nothing fucking else. They have no business having any say about anything at all ever.

Those other pieces of shit, the "passionate" marxists smashing in things and people n the street couldn't find the one percent and act like proper fucking Marxists if you drew them a map. They'd rather attack mom and pop stores and family homes.

Oh and apparently within all those publishing houses of Penguin group Pearson Educational and the Common core 350 million dollars in exchange for Obamas 65 million dollars book deal is interwoven. Pearson owns Puffin which is owned by Penguins or such greazy shit.


You can call them all psychopaths or you can call them evil. They're much easier to deal with if you use "evil" though.

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The past is being swept away. I fully expect Project Gutenberg to be taken down at some point. It gives people free access to a lot of old books full of banned ideas.

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Our history is being erased before our eyes, and most people don't even realize what's happening.

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These fucking jews will do anything to about having to remember their old lies to make sure their new lies make sense.

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That is extremely dangerous. This goes way beyond gaming. They want to set the precedent of destroying historical record.

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Well they're already doing it in real life. Gotta move into the digital realm now. We've always been at war with Eastasia.

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HIPAA was pointless. It's not making anyone's life better.

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Lawyer is Matt Oppenheim. Garbage human parasite.

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Why do you think the push is on to have all of your entertainment come from streaming services and devices that phone home? They want to be able to remote edit/wipe the information you have access to at any time. Paper books and physical media that can't be controlled will be an extremely valuable commodity in the future. Make sure you buy old books, especially historical and reference, movies/TV shows on DVD/Blu Ray, and music on CD.

At 2.5¢ per gigabyte storage is cheap. Quality optical media is around 4¢ per gigabyte and great for long-term rarely accessed information. Get to archiving goats.

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As long as archive.org was complying to DMCA requests I don't see how those publishers think they would win.

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And I swear archive.org was caving to them last year, removing "far-right" content already. Just goes to show that bowing only emboldens them.

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