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I just want to say fuck you to all you goats, I never got such a nice welcome that we are giving to this new round. Brings a tear to my eye.

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To be frank, this wave was more of a piddle. Most refugees are out shitposting on /pol and saidit.net right now.

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She was morbidly obese. A light jog down a shady sidewalk would have killed her that day.

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Just like with all the good boys when the MSM shows their 6th grade "gaduation" photo, the MSM always shows that one cherry picked photo of her from probably 10 years and 80 to 100 pounds earlier.

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And smokes newports which means she loves the niggers. Even a nigger wouldn't touch that though.

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Yeah they would.

They'll fuck anything but prefer not to look at a negroid face.

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Any pics of the antifa faggot pointing a rifle at his car?

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Photo showing James was attacked


It wasn't just one retard swinging something either. One of the Redneck Revolt commie jews literally bragged about setting Fields off by rushing up to his car window and pointing an AR at him. That's when he took off.

Peeling off to get away from some idiot with a stick? Debatable. Peeling off to prevent getting shot in the head by a deranged kike? Perfectly justified, anyone with sense would attempt to flee.

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At least 3 different terrorists pointed guns at Fields, at the same time his care was being struck with metal pipes. He probably thought he was being shot at causing him to step on the gas.

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Most importantly though, James Fields wasn't even driving the car at the time of the incident.

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Wait? What?

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Right here with you. Ping me if you get a response. I've never heard this before.

@BillyLuath @Nosferatjew

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This is the part most people miss.

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Is the guy in the red scarf giving chest compressions to he vagina of FUPA?

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lol that's her upper chest.

[–] facepaint ago 

OK. I thought that was her black bra at the top. Then that means the girl at the top of the photo is shoving her fist up her vagina.

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Didn't the police direct him to go down that street?

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