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How can that be, if they all work together then they collude, which is the opposite of capitalism? Capitalism is companies competing with each other, not working together simultaneously on every single issue. They all need to be broken up immediately and the people running them should spend the rest of their lives in prison on live cam.

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How can that be, if they all work together then they collude, which is the opposite of capitalism? Capitalism is companies competing with each other, not working together simultaneously on every single issue.

That's not strictly true. Market economics is a communication system, there are no rules which say how big a firm is allowed to be or how much they're allowed to cooperate or on what level.

The problem with big silicon valley tech firms lies in their lack of competition, and their lack of competition is caused by violently enforced monopolies elsewhere:

  • Telecoms are centrally controlled and planned by the FCC. This allows them to lobby for rules and interventions which suppresses competition and allows them unearned power over which sites can success and which can fail.

  • Banks are centrally controlled by various regulatory bodies and rewarded or punished by the Federal reserve. This allows them to control payment processing and cut businesses they disapprove of off from the market place.

  • Copyright, terrorism and obscenity laws are selectively applied to pick winners and losers. Youtube is not punished for all of the copyright infringing material on their servers, imgur is not punished for any childporn uploaded and facebook are not punished when a terrorist uploads their livestream. Their competitors are driven out of business.

  • Various other TLAs also reward and punish big tech companies as they see fit. Amazon receives lucrative grants from the NSA for server architecture, they also receive subsidised postal services via USPS and all of the big data companies receive kickbacks from programs like PRISM in exchange for their users' data.

In short, they pretend to be merely the most successful members of a free market, but in practice their success was chosen from the top down by government instituted monopolies.

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it's a paradox. How do you break up monopolies? Big govt has to step in. If big govt regulates the econmy, repubs say that is socialism.

Hmmm maybe socialism is ok but we need the national kind.

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it's a paradox. How do you break up monopolies? Big govt has to step in. If big govt regulates the econmy, repubs say that is socialism.

Which it would be.

The problem isn't that the market is so free that facebook can establish a monopoly, it's that there are all kinds of restrictions which allow deep staters and globalists to smack down their competition.

Just look at all the image hosts we've gone through here, do you think their failure one after another was free market action? We need to get rid of the monopolistic structures that allow that kind of behaviour. Currently governments heavily restrict competition in telecoms, banking, domain registration and a few other vital areas. These allow the globalists to dominate those markets and pick winners and losers in other areas, which is exactly what we're witnessing here.

Hmmm maybe socialism is ok but we need the national kind.

Even if you solve the problem of loyalty, your central planners won't be capable of making efficient decisions in the absence of price signals.

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Posts like this make me wonder why any human with an IQ in the 3 digits doesn't eventually come to this conclusion. I bet a large number of them do and then get filtered by the Six Gorillion.

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Republicans are no more friends then Democrats

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You don't need to buy the companies to break them up...

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“On live cam”

This is fantastic. The only ones that would regularly watch are the mouth breathers who live in front of a screen already and it would scare them worse than an execution.

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I was only thinking about the filthy child raping Epstein who now lives free in Israel, but that's a nice side effect.

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made it very obvious they're trying to swing the election. then they throw in one "leftist" community to say that they're not banning only right wing communities.

People aren't stupid, and going full CCP on the internet before the elections doesn't sound very smart. How badly are their diversity hires messing up their plans?

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I saw a couple "leftist" communities on the reddit list, but the ones I noticed were clearly banned for not being left enough. Like communities to laugh at bad right wing memes that ended up instead sharing red pills (which reminded me of Marvel comics stopping doing actual dialogue for "villains" because they were too relatable), and radical feminists that don't accept men as women.

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there was one called chapotraphouse. Their crime? criticized dems like biden. They were leftwing so didn't support repubs, it's just they dared criticize dems.

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Ever notice how we don't hear full Hitler speeches anywhere? Only small cut together pieces?

Or the NS Wochenschau, most of it lays in archives and only "certified" historians can access them.

I'm sure, there is a connection

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They did this in 2016 too, and most self-identified conservatives now trust the jewish media more than ever. How many of them acknowledge that there is no pandemic?

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The stats are rather interesting is you look them up, I'm using twitter stats as an example as they're more transparent in results. but if you dig around you can find similar results for reddit.

Still looking for the source but 80% of US twitter accounts come out of New York and Los Angeles. Which makes 24 million user accounts coming out of 2 states. That's either a lot of people or an insane amount of bots.

This infographic on the first list of top 20 cities by % show New york city and LA as the top 2 US locations for twitter accounts in 2020

This article from 2009 shows the mentioned US cities in the top 6.

Reddit has 330Million monthly active users

26.4 Million American use Reddit monthly

source on reddit

There are 262 million International Twitter users (users outside the US) which make up 79% of all Twitter accounts.

US accounts for just 31 million monetizable daily active Twitter users.

Source 2020 Stats

US is 30 million users

80% of U.S. tweets come from 10% of Twitter users

How many of them acknowledge that there is no pandemic?

Now consider that there are 6 Million users that have their voices drowned out by 24million accounts from 2 US locations.

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Is this a cartel? If so, what's a good name?

Tech Cartel

Silicon Valley Cartel

Progressive Cartel

Big Tech Syndicate

Something else?

It's hard to come up with an inclusive name. It's not just big tech companies, it's mainstream media, and really most of the largest publicly traded corporations.

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The Digital Synagogue

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That's beautiful. Shame Trump's sucked countless kike cock and sold his family and nation to the tribe. If he just tweeted it once condemning their coordinated attacks on free speech while the niggers are chimping out so as to inflict the most damage they can and sway the upcoming election it would utterly crush them as everyone would begin to look into jewish control and censorship. It'd be a masterpiece of a tweet that would get him banned from there for sure but that would just add fuel to the fire sealing his second term and the future of whichever platform he decided to then use to communicate with the public.

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The Jews

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The eternal jew

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With their hive mind, the lord of hosts, a god they created, a god subservient to secular Jews.

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The social justice megacorporation

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Social Justice Globohomo Corp.

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At first the Jews controlled the media - Hollywood, the news, the TV. Every piece of information you read about the world, was controlled by a cabal.

Then came the internet. Suddenly anyone anywhere could share information freely. It was like a coup. The middleman had been cut out. The Jew no longer pulled the strings.

But then came the rise of Big Tech, everything got consolidated under 5 or so giant companies. Jew controlled companies. They've been tightning the screws, gradually consolidating power and squeezing out the competition. Their goal: to bring us back to a place where all information you consume is carefully crafted to make you obedient.

But the more they tighten their grip, the more they push their woke agenda and show their cards. And the more normies get disillusioned at the clown world.

The Jews should have taken it slower, waited another generation before going full degenerate. But they smelled power, and couldn't help themselves. They are exposing themselves, the average American doesn't believe in 1,000 genders or your own pronouns, or tranny story time. The more they push their degeneracy, the stronger we will get.

Don't take the black pill, don't fear. Just be strong and live your lives like good white people, and raise your kids to be good white people, and be proud. That's how you win.

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I suspect the internet is a lot more controlled than any of us realize. People are divided and corralled by forum splitting, but all the forums appear to be surveillance tools and test beds to run "simulations" and very specifically targeted psychological operations. (((They)) openly discuss the outcomes of their simulations and modify their strategies accordingly. They've been the managerial class here for a least two hundred years but now they're out of the closet and openly flaunt their power.

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Zognald: crickets

[–] A9DickFur ago  (edited ago)

I get Zognald and Kushner shit, the problem is most everyone will not support a fucking uprising because 'the plan' hasn't happened yet. If 11/4 comes and shit looks bad, that's a different story.

Why dont you go get yourself killed killing people, you fucking kike. Make it happen on your own terms you piece of shit.

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Proof of widespread coordination, once again.

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RICO violation, anyone?

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This is just them doing a public service.

The public service being "putting a fire under the plebs to create AND FUCKING USE decentralized platforms and services".

You should be thankful that their grip has tightened so tight that they'll shortly cut off their own blood circulation, and fall off the cliff.

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is anything even in the works? point me to something and i'll use it

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I'm saying that people will build the options but because of the catch 22 of "I'm not going there because no one else is there yet" creates no incentive for people to create and maintain the code for the alternatives to exist.

Just earlier I saw someone say "we need twitter on the blockchain".

Well okay, people did that.

* Twister

* DogeYip, which is open source and can be applied to new Blockchains.

* GNU Social/Pleroma/Mastodon Instances are Federated and share content amongst themselves, like Shitposter. Club and 1000s of others

For Reddit replacement:


...and there were others, but they all seem to have fallen by the wayside. Frizbee bit the dust.

Saidit and notabug seem to be federating each other's content, so perhaps that's the way forward.

YouTube alternatives:

* PeerTube, which operates in the same federated way as GNU Social

* LBRY is instead blockchain and bittorrent driven similar to Twister


You have me there. I don't know where to start on streaming live decentralized. Streaming alternatives exist, though. PlexStorm may be sex-focused but there's no rules saying you have to be.

That's off the top of my head. Perhaps someone can supply more, but more importantly, you'll see a lot of these things get barely used. There needs to be polish or apps that don't tie directly to these services but are "vanilla clients" where you can plug in these services to connect to (which is how, for example, apps for chans can exist on the app stores because the web addresses aren't automatically filled in to connect, that's up to the user to add on their own).

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Two decentralized ones that I can recommend, are Diaspora and Pocketnet. The latter apparently publishes on a blockchain, very fancy :)

https://joindiaspora.com https://pocketnet.app

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