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life is a weird thing. At first I never thought I'd quit reddit, now I realize I only go to very specific subs that I care about and never look at anything else on reddit and I don't even use their app. Then I was thinking, I'd never quit YT but now every time I land on YT homepage I want to vomit. I only visit specific channels of people that I'm interested in directly and that's about it. This overload of nigger/fags/kikes is really driving me to follow my other interests. I stopped watching hollywood movies years ago as well.

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I've found that YouTube has been much easier to tailor to my interests than reddit. Reddit is completely unusable at this point.

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Work around for nigger YouTube:

1) memorize names of suppressed or banned channels or podcasts

2) search: [name of show]

3) observe misinformation and defamation

4) sort search results for 'today' or 'this week', assuming you want their fresh content

Subscribing with bell also works incase you want to label yourself as a Nazi by YT

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I've started reporting any pro LGBTP ad as inappropriate

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heh I've been doing that for a while. Good job!

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Don't go on yidtube. Use Invidio.us, then click on the setting icon on the top right. Scroll down to Visual preferences, select Default homepage" to blank.

Voila, now you can avoid yiddish garbage.

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jew monday

How do you enjoy things with jews in power?

Time to get off the fence and embrace natsoc. The only system of government by and for Aryans. With vast protections against foreign parasites. Piles of ash can't charge interest.

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"Piles of ash can't charge interest." Savage and epic.

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Stefan asks that you send a tweet

I guess that's the audience he targets.

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wtf, they banned amren? :(

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Interesting. Are YouTube and Reddit coordinating bans?

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No doubt. Today, Trump was also banned from Twitch and Reddit shut down thedonald.

Reminds me of what happened a couple of years ago when Infowars was simultaneously banned from Youtube, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter all on the same day within minutes.

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Follow 'call for an uprising' 500k subscribers on jewtube, really good daily red pills

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How peculiar.. 😖

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AltCensored.com may have their videos.

edit: only three vids in Molyneux https://altcensored.com/channel/UCC3L8QaxqEGUiBC252GHy3w

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