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great post, I clicked on this one at random https://files.catbox.moe/c5511s.mp4 and it's a white girl beating a black guys ass after he attacked her lol

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dude this post is insane. the amount of black on white violence is off the charts. imagine any of the more brutal ones being white on black it would be national news for weeks.

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I remember that video, with sound it's even better, at the very end you can hear some adult woman saying "Stop that girl!" Clown world.

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This is why you enroll your sons and daughters in a jiu-jitsu class.

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do you see the other Nager that ran after her after she got away that’s what the fucking Nager‘s do and you and the Muslim they always walk around in groups to attack you and they prey on the week and innocent like old people and women or alone or white men alone because they are brown because they are shit they’re violent because they are daemonic shit so white people are in groups now and maybe they have their friends waiting in the wings somewhere because these Knigge sub humans travel in packs and hit you from behind well they’re going to get hit as well did you Muslim Nager are invaders the Jews come for the Middle East they are invaders Jews use the fact that they look white but they’re not they’re Jewish

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Jokes on you, that isn't from one poster.

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Documentaries that show the real history of WWII:

The Greatest Story Never Told: https://www.bitchute.com/video/I7sG86aH5TZ4/

Europa The Last Battle: https://www.bitchute.com/video/7J3B0raTNx1p/

A Last Appeal To Reason: https://www.bitchute.com/video/WqBY9qYsRuHl/

Hellstorm - The genocide of Germany https://www.bitchute.com/video/xhY9ATDCrOWP/

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All the good dresden videos are gone, i had a backup.... somewhere around

The one i want is Dresden "a burnt offering". Lower male voice narration.





Pings for a reason, or i would have "/" d

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Phenominal work, lad. Keep it up!

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List of places you won't find any evidence the holocaust happened where there should be copious amounts:

Winston Churchill's 6 volume history of WWII

The millions of German documents that were recovered during combat operations

The communications we intercepted and decoded using the enigma machine from the supposed "death camps" to their headquarters

The spy planes that took photos of the supposed "death camps" showing no genocidal activity

Burial sites

Furthermore, articles 19 and 21 of the charter of the international tribunal at Nuremberg literally say that they don't need evidence to make convictions avalon.law.yale.edu/imt/imtconst.asp

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Yeah, the whole Nuremberg affair was just pitiful.

As i remember it, from reading actual court transcripts and documents, all charges against all defendants were to be considered 'ipso facto' - or 'based in fact' and no corroborating evidence was required at all, the charges simply 'were'. (to-wit concerning the charges of ' operating a network of extermination camps' unbelievably or not the court only required/ heard one single eye-witness testimony pertaining to the validity of said charge) .

Perhaps even worse the defence by the terms of the court were specifically denied and refused to call their own defence witnesses or submit evidence to the contrary of charges faced, ie - proving their innocence. In fact, It's why Goring quickly termed the spectacle 'the victors court', and more so why the only actual defence left to any single defendant with the smallest possibility of maintaining truth from distorted lies was of the " ... i was only only following orders' type.

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The rat Kike that infiltrated the court systems are trying to do this now they need to be disbarred and disrobed and dragged out and burned

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Patton also never wrote it in his diaries, nor JFK.

[–] untiloppressionends 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago 

Patton says we defeated the wrong enemy. Mysteriously dies. JFK basically says that Hitler was misrepresented and one of his greatest role models. He also says that there is a plot to enslave every man, woman, and child in the country and talks shit about secret societies. He gets assassinated a week later. Boy all these coincidences, good thing I know that criminal conspiracies aren't real so I can just dismiss it out of hand because it is a theory about a criminal conspiracy, which don't exist. The laws are just there for show and there definitely hasn't ever been a conviction. Stop being a "conspiracy theorist".

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damn i didnt know about winston churchill not mentioning holahoax! thanks for a new rabbit hole

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Not only that, but also De Gaulle and Roosevelt or was it Stalin (???) ww2 memoirs make no mention what-so-ever of 'extermination camps and joo holocaust'. The idea that none of the big three deemed it necessary to included anything at all about the holohoax in their own books and memories of the time, really makes one think lol ...

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Jews claim millions of documents were rewritten to hide their crimes. Insanity.

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Good thread?

[–] SexMachine 1 point 14 points (+15|-1) ago 

God thread.

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This one is my favourite by far, never fails to give me a chuckle.

Anyway, great post @ifuckdolphinseverday

*Damn, it's fake.

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I think this one is fake. The holocoaster is 100% real though.

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Yes its one that i think is fake , will strike through until proof provided to remove from list. Thought i had that one gone from this pasta.

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Damnit. The Tom and Jerry skit makes it hilarious.

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This is faked but it has some quotes from a real article in the NY Times:

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What's the source?

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Aren't they all jew owned too?

[–] olinneserpona 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Run by Jews or Jew owned. This is babys first redpill. Once they have acknowledged the media is owned by 6 corporations it's time to ask them who these people are.

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I love it when we weed out the good new recruits from the cucks seeking refuge. For all the bad Reddit is, the Voat initiation tradition makes it slightly less terrible.

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Synagogue of Satan are poisonous violent d dusgustijg pedo demons they expose themselves because evil has the seed of its own destruction!!

there’s one of these cakes on here that keep talking about attacking little babies in a physical way and they need to be take it off just like the Jewish judges need to be disbarred and disrobed they’re constantly trying to docs people and then harass them or threaten kids and they need to be sent back in their own Taste of their own medicine they need to be fired they need to be exposed and docs back the Jew needs to be to get back with they try to do and if they talk about little children like that they need to be sent back to hell in pain!!!!

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Boom. Bless your heart anon.



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I'm laughing right now, fucking redditards went from being in a safe space to being thrown to the nazi wolves in the span of one afternoon.

Welcome to the jungle bitches.

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