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First of all anybody who’s is this word racist is need to be told that they are a retard because we are the human race comprised of different adversities so unless you come from another planet and don’t let like us humans on this earth then you can say something otherwise who says this is a fucking retard and they need to be Mocked continually


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Again, please - but in English this time.


[–] Sh-shh-shaaa ago 

Who's is racist to be adversity otherwise? Mars?


[–] AnotherGrayman ago 

You're a moron who does not understand racial differences.

We are not the same. We are different species of the same animal.

All bears are bears, but if you think Grizzly bears and Panda bears are the same animal, you're a brainless faggot.

They're different species, with differently predisposed behaviors, due to evolution in different environments.

The same goes for niggers and whites.

If you think our only differences are physical appearance, you're a naive dickhead.