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That is your money, and this shit is intentional. They are not trying to care for you. They are trying to get you to accept being taken advantage of. You can usually collected it retroactively. Take your cell phone and a bluetooth headset and try to keep up the fight at work. Buy one if you have to. If you have a child, wife, parent, or grandparent have them do it. If not, pay some kid on summer vacation to do it while they're playing video games. It's not that you didn't get the money, it's that the money has been stolen from you. In Ohio, that $1080 a week or so. Six weeks is $6480 stolen from you. (((Blackrock))) is given $4.5 trillion to spend and the government is stealing $6k from you.

I'm a poor fucker, so $6k is real fucking money to me. That is more than nearly any car I've ever owned.

Hell man, if you'd feel comfortable giving me your info, I'll do it for like $5/hr. Pay me after you get your money sorta thing. I personally wouldn't recommend giving that info to anyone on the internet, so I hope you have someone you can trust with the info.

Good luck man!


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Hell man, if you'd feel comfortable giving me your info, I'll do it for like $5/hr.

I'm surprised there's not an industry built up around that.


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there is for minorities, they just walk into these community care places and get signed up for everything by a bunch of woke women that spend half the day bitching about shit on their phones


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There is for blacks, Asians and Hispanics :) so @glenny if you can speak hood, Chinese or Spanish, then go for it. LOL.


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Guess what all ohio's phone room operators have in common?

they're all non-white/non-humans?


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Niggers. The word you are looking for is niggers. Big fat negresses.


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Big fat negresses.



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I guarantee they don't want a white guy getting money. blacks are actually racist, they will use every chance they get to get one over on a white guy cuz he racist and slavery


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this happened to me with a phone bill! every time I called I got the Atlanta call center they were supposed to have put international calling on and they didn't they stonewalled me. Finally late one night I sat down to write an email to the company I was so mad that I had to even invest the time to do it. I picked up the phone anc called one last time and got a white guy in Arizona. Told him my story and he said no problem it's fixed I don't know why they gave you a hard time? We have codes to follow for complaints and this is what we do in this situation. ...........Go figure a little reverse racism ya think?


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They aren't actually in Ohio?

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It's OK to be the biggest warlord. That is the White Man's duty.

It's not OK for *niggers or jews to wield the White Man's power.

It's not OK for White cucks to battle their kin.

Racial awareness supersedes racial segregation. Racial segregation supersedes racial unity. Racial unity can fix much of what ails the White Man.


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You're dealing with government niggers.


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My SIL called my state’s unemployment number FIVE HUNDRED TIMES in a week and never spoke to a real person. She had to dig out a computer she used 20 years ago that had her log in info saved from when she got laid off after 9/11 to be able to file.


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Lucky she kept the damn thing


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Awesome that she had it still. Not a macfag but I am guessing it was a Mac perhaps? Apple people sometimes keep their old rigs.


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Sounds like they did their job well.


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The "state" and the "fed" governments are compelled to hire niggers. ...because of racism, ya know.

Why are police so violent? Why is government so inefficient? Why do Republicans keep nodding their heads like Joe Biden? Why do Democrats keep making homo kids possible? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE????

............when you place a monkey behind the wheel, expect a wild ride.


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speak in ebonics next time. honestly, it will probably open doors for you.

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