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Nominating the following users as potential additional mods for chat/whatever, for times when @PeaceSeeker is not around (which is very often – sorry Peace, but it's true; you're not very active in chat):

[–] HateCumbuckets ago 

I'm fairly active. Untrustworthy but still...

[–] HulkJizz ago 

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Probably better off to add you as the mod, instead of me.

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Poor taste to nominate myself lol. Pretty sure you're more active than me anyway, and hell, I'd trust you more than myself :P

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Sure thing, Maxine...

[–] MaxineWaters ago 


[–] capnflummox ago 

You're MaxineWaters and MadWorld. Same person/handler(s) running two accounts (probably more).

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You need to earn 10 ccp to make submissions.

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sbbh is shit. You're shit.