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Charles Lieber IS jewish.

Bill Gates IS jewish.

jewflu IS jewish.

Charles Lieber leaked jewflu.

Bill Gates creates/funds vaccination tattoo IDs.

Bill Gates funds/lobbys for mandated vaccines.

Event 201 IS jewflu.

ID2020 IS vaccination tattoo IDs.

ID2020 IS mandated vaccines.

ID2020 IS jewish.

but muh China

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synagogue of Satan

is jews. Not communists. Communism is jewish but not all communists are jews.

The synagogue of Satan is jewish and all members are jews.

Get it right and name the jew.

e: also China had nothing to do with jewflu other than being the location for jews to expose the world to the biological "weapon" of jewflu - that isn't even deadly.

(((1 month)))

refuses to name the jew

projects "muh China"


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By the way Johns Hopkins University hosted Event 201 and now provides a lot of state data for Covid statistics.


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i had somebody on plebbet tell me millions of people will be dead in the streets within a month. !remindme sent a reminder but fortunately ive been banned from the entire site for saying hitler did nothing wrong otherwise id call that faggot our for his fearporn bs


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I had it, I didnt die. I am basically going out as per normal again where I can anyway.


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When did you get tested?


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when I had it the doctor said he could not test me because I didnt meet the requirements. "you probably have the Chinese flu, but I cant test you for it.". I was basically better when the lock downs started. So I cant get tested now. I guess it could have been something else. But my lungs are still not back to fully normal and still coughing. I will get the antibody test when its available. If it was not it, it was all the symptoms and it was the worst fucking flu that I ever had in my life.


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Not even relevant. jewflu isn't deadly. At all. It has a 0% mortality rate.


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If you are younger, and do not live with older people, I think you may have the luxury of being able to roll the dice, especially if you live in rural or suburban areas and warmer climates.

I think it is very very stupid for people in urban regions over 55 or 60 to go out. Especially men with health issues.

Also if you have to get sick, much better that it happen 3 or 6 mos from now. They will have better supplies, more ample hospital space, and most importantly, better data and better protocols.

Everyone has a different approach to this disease if you are looking at doctors from different countries. They need time to compile the data they are collecting. Doctors / hospitals will be in a better position to treat you as time passes.

People that think this is a jewish scam, what if you’re wrong? Be conservative about the risks you take for yourself and your older parents, ffs.

In the US, 10,000 people died of this in the last week alone! They all died horribly.

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Can you elaborate on what you think is a deception? I mean Im not denying some people will be intentionally spreading disinformation to take advantage of the outbreak, but overall I think it’s totally real and older people and people in cities should stay inside. I think its stupid to harass a 20 year old in montana for buying seeds but 20,000 dead people is very bad.

Plus I dont give a shit about this fake bubble economy which really needs to burst sooner or later anyway. But I dont want to see old people who have 10, 20, 30 years left die for no reason.


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Jews are certainly taking advantage of it. Massive Fed funding for the banks, etc.

There is SOME risk profile for this flu. If you are feeble, old, with pre-existing conditions, sure, it has some risk.

If you are young and healthy, it's a bad flu. Don't go out looking for it, but don't cower at home in fear either.