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It is a biological impulse you cant turn off.

That’s the whole point of exercising free will. Reason over passion. It’s the single most important message in Christianity. If you give in to your appetites whenever they strike, then you’re a Satanist at worst and a nigger at best. You’re supposed to use that higher-function neocortex to choose, rather than letting your baser brain regions react. Freud hated Christianity and contemporary sexual mores. His entire thesis was that God is dead and humans suffer because we don’t give into our passions enough. And now hedonism is a virtue while chastity and discipline is boring, because “life is short man, nothing’s waiting for you on the other side”.


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It should be noted these rules only apply to the Adamic White race. God did not create shitskins, but rather commanded Adam and Eve to not mingle with the bastard races, the [family] tree of knowledge of good and evil. That was His first and only law until Moses' time.