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Even better, "free credit card monitoring" is just more accurate information farming on your habits, income, job, and location. Win/win for the data brokers who sell everything about you!

You get the America you deserve.


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Enjoy that 4th amendment you're supposed to have, Citizens! The FBI lawyer even shilled for using 2FA for your credit monitoring service, haha. Make sure you give us your cell phones to track you better, Citizen!


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It's long past the time we recognize that our SSN has been a de facto national ID for decades, ever since the ((financial industry)) realized it's utility as a tracking number.

The last 4 of your SSN are treated as some kind of magical password, even though every ((organization)) already has it, and due to multiple cases of negligence, so does half the internet.

We already know the states give everything to the feds. Let's switch to a secure national ID, with state-provided endorsements for driving, organ donation, and all the stuff that's already being tracked.

Lock that shit down tighter than Estonia, and stop letting ((them)) consolidate our lives into a single file that makes them money, and demand that it actually be used for our benefit instead.



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(((organ donation)))


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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=2U4PiM8OVBk&feature=youtu.be&t=565 :

US accuses 4 Chinese militants of stealing from millions in Equifax breach - YouTube

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