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Hitler was right


The holocaust never happened

pick one.


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Explain to me how these are somehow mutually exclusive

Hitler was right about the jews, he just wasn't "cruel" and determined enough to make the concentration camps he put them in into death camps.


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He put them in concentration camps to "store" them until he could make Israel for them to ship them off to. Creating Israel was a mistake, especially since it was what the jews wanted. If he was really right about understanding their nature he would have known that isolating them was never going to work. Yes, in the end the allies created Israel, but that's only because he was wrong about many other things too (like any mortal man) and thus lost the war.

I think Hitler has been demonized in history but I don't think idolising him is the correct action for rectification.


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So you think Hitler was right to keep jews in comfy camps with pools and theatres etc?