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Wake up, it's 1984.



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I’m aware. I’m just wondering how we let it get this far. Especially with all the warnings (e.g., 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World, the Creature From Jekyll Island, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion etc.)

The real question becomes, “How do we fix it?”

If it cannot be fixed then what do we do next?


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It's the jew. America's problem has always been the jews and will always be the jews until we exile ALL of them. The truth will undo all the jews power. If the public knew they were lied to and manipulated by vile hateful jews then we can vote our way out of this mess. But like Mark Twain said...

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled


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Those books don’t even exist in my parents world. They dont read and never have picked up a book my entire childhood. Maybe every other boomer thought the same, “why read books when tv tells you everything faster?”



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The way this is skirted is - you can still hate whom/whatever you want to hate. You can even call them whatever name you like (in US - Canada does have laws against wrongspeak). It's just when an actual crime is committed (assault, battery, etc.) that the hate crime card comes in to play.

I still think it's absurd, because if you beat/rob/kill someone, odds are you're not doing it out of love for them. Motivation is irrelevant to the crime - it is only relevant to investigators and the courts. Once the crime has been established, it doesn't matter if the malice was focused or general - crime is crime is crime already before tacking on extra penalties for motivation (or wrongthink).

I don't agree with it, don't like it (for reasons above), but that's how it has happened. It skirts 1A by basically saying once you've committed to being a criminal you're no longer protected by the Bill of Rights, or at least that protection has been significantly compromised.


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Did you know about Birobidzhan?

It is an autonomous Oblast in Russia that was created for Jews under the Soviet regime in 1931. It still exists today.

Why is this important?

It provides insight to the worldwide zeitgeist of the Jewish question during that time. It wasn't only Hitler that discussed this matter. It was the Zionists themselves who consistently advocated it. Stalin and Hitler, the British, along with others, took under Jewish advisory a solution to the Jewish question. The Jewish question was actually driven by Jewish financiers, rabbis, and business leaders. Under Stalin, the Swiss architect Hannes Meyer planned and established Birobidzhan in 1931. It was approved by Stalin and became the administrative center of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in 1934; town status was granted to it in 1937. During this time, Germany in discussions with Zionists offered Uganda and Madagascar as a homeland. They ultimately declined and instead wanted Palestine. This deal was actually approved and Britain was a party to it as well, since Palestine was under their jurisdiction. However, a growing number of Zionists in America and Britain disagreed and were vocal about Jews being sold out. It wasn't until after the German-hating Winston Churchill became PM of Britain that the former deal was completely undone. Germany was left with a massive expatriation mess and large investments in already built processing centers.


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Free speech = Free thought


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Though we wake up to this, lets not accept it


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When laws are unjust, good men become outlaws


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frankly, most of you are retarded beyond usefulness, you deserve the coming destruction.


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no u