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The Jewish Reserve

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It was interesting. I was trying to find some information on historical chairmen of the Fed, obviously trying to see if there has ever been non-Jewish leadership. An article I found said that Alan Greenspan was a non-Jewish chairman. Lo and behold, I look into him a little bit and both parents were Jewish. They are so fucking sneaky about the definition of Jewish, it's ridiculous. It's as if in one instant, they can call it a religion, therefore someone can be "non-Jewish" if they are secular. In another instance, it can be a lineage irrespective of race mixing. In another, an ethnicity with a genetic component.

There have been other non-Jewish chair people, but it's similar to the connections we see between "crypto" leadership in other domains. They all have intimate Jewish connection and many had Jewish wives.

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which created the System in 1913

it was voted in by 5 people on Christmas midnight and never ratified correctly. I don't know why it can't just be removed.

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The last guy who tried had his brains blown out all over his wife's lap on live tv.

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Because the incentives keep it in place. The government prints money with impunity and the Fed makes it look legitimate.

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Repeal the (((Civil Rights Act))) while you are at it.

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and the 19th amendment.

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I've always wondered why 1,000 red pilled American anons haven't armed themselves and stormed it.

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Lael Branard runs the Fed, Powell figurehead. She is Ashkanazi Jew from E Germany and Israeli dual citizen.

Lael Brainard is a member of the U.S. Federal Reserve's Board of Governors where she serves as:

  • Chair of the Committees on Financial Stability
  • Chair of Federal Reserve Bank Affairs
  • Chair of Consumer and Community Affairs
  • Chair of Payments, Clearing and Settlements. Wikipedia

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Just waiting for the first shots...

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This is what gets my almonds going: so they create money from nothing, and we owe it back with interest. Why do we owe back the whole amount? The principal is imaginary. I can see paying the interest alone, as a fee for doing the whole thing, but why do we owe back something that doesn't even exist? So we pay them back in paper that they made up, now they have that paper to buy real things from us. They buy our property with imaginary paper.

It seems like a trick a schoolyard bully made up.

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It's called usury. And it's what Jesus called them out on.

It's why the Romans destroyed Israel.

It's why we will do it again.

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