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It's a joke mate, calm down. And fuck whoever upvoated this.

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Did anyone read the article? The creator of the page says it’s all a joke and it’s not actually going to happen. I mean dumb people will probably try but I don’t think they are trying to the veil over everybody’s eyes with this one.


[–] Broc_Lia 1 point 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

That's just a smokescreen, he knows the feds are reading it so he has to say it's a joke to put them off the scent. It's for real man, they're going to naruto-run their way right past the bullets and distract the guards by throwing pebbles.

[–] Merlynn ago 

Either way,it's distracting from Epstein.

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If this was real, which it isn't, no more than 100 would show up.

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Relax bro. The military has plenty of ways to break the morale of crowds that don't kill or injure them. Tear gas is just one example. Nobody is gonna die. And besides, it is the right of the citizens to form militias against their government. It is their right to risk their own life thinking they can take on a military base when they clearly can't. Nothing is wrong here, nor is it it zuckerberg's purview to take down a post that it should be the responsibility of the police to decide.

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  • It's a joke

  • Any time there's any kind of scandal happening there will always be some event happening somehwere. We can't really expect the world to stand still while pedo island is unfolding

[–] Dean_Wilhelm_Hawkins 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Come on now. You're giving these tards waaaaay too much credit.

[–] Merlynn ago  (edited ago)

A) None of these fucks have the stones. B) Area 51 is a red herring. Anything the government doesn't want you to know about is in a secret base on the "if I told you,I'd have to kill you" level of secret. It's the kind of secret every politician agrees to. Or else. Which means it's probably disguised as something mundane like an ammo factory (does the military still make it's own ammo?) or training camp.

[–] DichKurtz ago 

400k going 420k interested. If this is anything like inviting friends to a see your band play, then you'll probably have 80 people show up, 30 of them will stand outside and smoke cigarettes and shit and 40 will just sit at the bar.

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