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Blue ink for witness reports. Can't explain it but people write more when using blue ink rather than black.

Also; if it's not written down, it didn't happen.

I too have worked security.

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because the black ink doesn't like to work.

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Also the black ink tends to run.

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References to black pens are now banned on Twitter

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Black ink dindu nuffin.

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Also; if it's not written down, it didn't happen.

This is good advice for life in general.

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Heck, sometimes even when it's written down it still didn't happen.

Source: muh 18 gorillian.

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It's like tits or gtfo

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Pics too

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Honestly it is. I bet you near everyone here despite their education, trade, or background can list off personal examples of someone getting fucked over for exactly that carelessness.

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Blue ink for witness reports. Can't explain it but people write more when using blue ink rather than black.

That would actually be a really interesting thing to find out. I wonder if it's because it contrasts the typical black and white of the paper they're filling out? Maybe blue's calming enough that it puts them into a state where they're more likely to be verbose?

That's legitimately interesting.

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I used it it for compliance reports per legal representation of our company. Something about the original and the copy.

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I like blue because it stands out against the black of printed words. Much easier to spot changes/additions.

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Thanks for your info. Let me know if you got more :)

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It's always the nigger or the angry person, usually they're the same person.

Don't fall asleep on the job. Ever. You will get caught.

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If you have someone complete a witness statement (instead of listening to them and writing it yourself), be mindful of changes. If they're writing and they scribble something out, have them initial above each instance where they cross something out or change something. This will prevent accusations later on that you tampered with the statement.

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Get steel toe boots. If you are unarmed security it is something you can still use to defend yourself against a wild nigger. A lot of sites you literally don't do anything other than try to stay awake. Drink coffee or work out to stay awake

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Learn a trade. Plumbing. Electrician. Takes a few years but you can make good money

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HVAC Is really hot right now. No pun intended.

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It’s funny, had an older gent over to fix mine the other day, and he was talking about how hard of a time he was having to get an apprentice to eventually take over his business. Pretty sad that he can’t find anyone reliable.

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Or even trucking. Even if the shortage is officially over, you can get free training and a long haul job within 5 years. Good steady money, get to travel, and can always save up to be an owner operator.

But the main takeaway is don't neglect trades. It is the smart choice right now.

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Tin-knockering is a good trade to learn.

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Wear ear protection. Tin bashers.

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Would make more than $12 first day, and way more rewarding, with a future, and fewer low-lives.

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... technology and software are also good career options...

[–] andrew_jackson 2 points 11 points (+13|-2) ago 

What? Technology is overrun with soyboys, LOL

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...if you like competing with an endless tidal wave of pajeets and chinese.

[–] BO2 [S] ago 

There really aren't very many technology options near me, nor am I interested.

[–] con77 ago 

In Al?

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Im glad your happy with your new job, but I think maybe you should look around a little more. One of my sons started working security at 18 and he was making $17.50 hr like 6 years ago(here in sw Missouri) There's lots of opportunities for young guys willing to work. I did what con77 is telling you, went to trade school, while working a construction job. Now I own my own HVAC company and I never work for less than $50/hr ...100$ when doing an install.

[–] BO2 [S] 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Keep in mind minimum wage is $7.25 here. Trust me, there's no job like that in my county. We're rural and most of our towns are 700-5,500 in population. $12/hr starting out in security is the best here. Looking at all the other security companies, most start out at $10-$11 with a couple at $12. Hell, the one I'll be working for just raised their wage in the last year from $9.50 to $12.

Walmart, Big Lots, Target, etc., will pay $8-$10 here. Not sure how rural your place is but our average county income is $26,800.

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Walmart company wide pays 11. I think target does 12

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Get into a trade. Electrical, plumbing, or HVAC. I just got on as an electrician a month ago and I'm making 28$ an hour

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Ya man do a trade I did a trade now I make 73$/hr but dont ask me how I did it that's for you dumbfucks to figure out /s

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How did you get into a trade? What was step 1?

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I live in a "right to work" state, so no union presence. After college and grad school left me disenfranchised and burnt out I responded to a craigslist ad for a plumbing company. Now I have a license, which they paid for, and have just about paid off my student loans. In a few years will probably take a masters license and start my own business. Step 1 is here is looking up local companies and applying. Most are eager to get people. Especially white people willing to learn.

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Step 1 be a nigger Step 2 have a family member work there

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Depends on where you live. Usually go through your areas union. If you dont want to go union just start applying to companies near you. Be honest if you have no experience. I personally found a trade school that put me on a hire list and companies called me. Union and non union.

[–] Sasquatch ago 

Went into a shop I knew had a good rep/good workers, and applied. Made sure to meet the guy in charge and shake his hand and tell him I work hard. Got an interview. Showed up every day early. Now I'm good.

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and how old are you?

[–] suckysucky5dolla ago  (edited ago)

How old is too old to get into the trades? I don't want to be specific, but my age is around the mid to late 20s. I'm thinking of taking introductory HVAC classes for the exposure so I can apply for a union apprenticeship or non-union jobs.

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When around blacks, expect attacks. Good luck.

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Or "Never Relax"

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Do it the best you can. Be the best damn security guard the world has ever known. That's how us white folks do shit.

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Truth. People don't speak of this very often.

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Seriously. I worked at McDonald's as a teenager, from 16-19. Sure, it's just a fast food job and easy to look down on. But that doesn't mean you can't do it to the best of your ability. I worked my ass off there when I needed to and it showed when later on down the road, I joined the military and my brother needed a job. They literally hired him because he was my brother, so they just assumed he'd be as good as I was.

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Make sure you get you some comfortable boots. And if the industry there is anything like the industry everywhere else, be prepared to work with tons of seedy niggers.

Don't count on anyone but you to have your back.

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Addendum: boots that are comfortable the first time you try them are not going to necessarily be the best long-term.

Some cheap boots have that puffy cotton liner in them, it feels like getting a hug from a fucking cloud when they're new but over the first 6 months it packs down into a thick layer of sweaty batting.

Best boots I've ever worn had almost no liner to them, they were almost nothing but good softleather and they left the ventilation/padding job to your socks.

[–] Mittermeyer ago 

Also steel toe. If someone is unarmed security it is something you can still wear that can be useful for self defense against a wild nigger.

[–] ALIENS2222 ago 

Whites boots! They r the best.

[–] lanre ago 

Red wings are nice. Kind of expensive though.

[–] Splooge ago 

You're right.

OP make sure you get you some boots that support the fuck outta your ankles.

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Now be smart.

Don't lease or borrow to buy a car. Buy a cool old formerly very common but desired car at the 20 yr age when their value is at their lowest and they are about to become rare. They are fun and will make you money. Example. A 1990- 2000 monster Lincoln or Mazda Miata each about $2000 cash today. If you have ever ridden in either you understand why people are suddenly clambering to find these now.

Don't borrow to go to school. Get grants or pay as you go. Don't let the company make you borrow money for any expenses or anything they want you to do. They want to get you in debt on expenses so its harder to quit.

Buy stuff that goes UP in value with your cash.

Above all find a girl that thinks the same way.

In 5 years you'll be way ahead of all the sucker idiots who do the opposite.

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