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This is why they so heavily demonize any gathering of white men. If he had not been a lone man the cops would have died where they stood as all traitors deserve.

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"shall not be infringed"

Look at the words used to describe the people defending their Rights - "extremists", "mob", "radical", "criminals", . .

And then look at the words used to describe those that are violating those Rights.. "officials", "troops", ...

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Guns are worthless without militias. We don't have functioning militia networks. Ones that ordinary, normal gun owners can join, not paranoid-running-around-in-the-woods-with-FBI-informants-trying-to-convince-you-to-build-a-bomb militias. But a number you can call to have 20-30 men from your city leave their homes/jobs within 1 minutes notice, to assemble lawfully at that location ASAP.

If 20-30 calm, righteous, working men had arrived with rifles, this tyranny wouldn't have stood.

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Functioning militias?

Like people who shoot together, read every FM manual they can find, and know how to make guns from scrap metal?

We have plenty of those.

Get lost with your demoralization campaign shillfaggot.

There is literally, even now, no fucking way the government could win. No fucking way.

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"Guns are worthless without militias."

I registered an account just to respond to this statement.

Do you think cops would be more or less likely to invade homes knowing they could be shot? Worthless? Talk about ridiculous. Gun ownership is probably one of the ONLY reasons why the #1 baby name in America isn't Mohammed, why we aren't getting acid face baths, and why there aren't roaming rape gangs referred to as "refugee children" by the media. The areas that are the most communistic/SJW/leftist/whatever are the ones that adhere to suck-and-swallow statism.

The militias in the American Revolution weren't just 20-30 calm, righteous men. They were made up of men (sometimes boys) ready to fight for their liberty at a moment's notice. Children as young as 12-13 could shoot as well as any Red Coat, and women, too. The highest trained army in the world was outmatched.

The State is worthless. It's because people still think they can fix the state that keeps it growing into a bigger and bigger leviathan. Giving politicians rights you don't have is worthless. Believing that magically transferring rights you yourself to do not possess (attacking non-violent peaceful people, taxation, land confiscation, warmongering, etc.) to another group of people, via majority opinion or otherwise, is worthless. Believing that voting every couple of years is a genuine form of "doing your part" as if it's capable of any kind of real lasting change not susceptible to inevitable judicial activism and communist propaganda is worthless. Believing that a tiny, corrupt, murderous city on the east coast can effectively rule an entire nation of 325,000,000 with just enough of the right tweaking is worthless.

Continuing to not understand the principles of liberty and how they stem from negative rights rather than positive rights will doom us.

So, quit being a demoralizing retard, and quit sounding like a typical, retarded statist.

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Check out this article. I'd love to see how a simple militia idea like this could change things.


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Hate to tell ya there sport but revolution ain't legal and never was.

Forget "lawfully".

If 30 men with guns want to assemble, they'll either be using those guns or they'll get disassembled real quick.

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Before I click.. Niggers?

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The world doesn't realize that American identity is with citizen gun rights.

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think of how the govt acts when the citizens HAVE guns. Imagine how much worst they would be when they know the people are disarmed

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cough cough, Mexico, cough cough

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And White Identity is that of being armed to the teeth, but being the greatest of friends and lovers. You have the British and their navies of old, the Prussians/Germanic people and their "talent" for warfare, the Nordic people known for being the greatest of raiders and fierce warriors. The Italians, who built an empire on the backs of their legions, the slavic people, who held at bay several attempted incursions of foreign armies at the cost of many lives.

Truly, a white cannot be complete if he is not armed in mind, spirit, and of course in the physical sense. Vikings would die clutching their weapons, Spartans of years gone are famous for their sense of duty to family and honor of battle, "coming back with their shield or on it".

It is so interesting to see these European nations, the Old Lands, disarmed and how quickly the white man has fallen. There is most definitely a correlation.

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The Italians, who built an empire on the backs of their legions

In the earliest parts of their history the Romans operated on the militia model. Anyone who was anything armed themselves to the teeth and rallied in defence of the state when it was under threat. Anyone who couldn't afford arms was called a prolateriat, literally someone whose only contribution to society was producing offspring. In this period of their history they were largely non-expansionist. They founded a few colonies but mostly they kept to themselves and didn't seek to rule their neighbours.

Then none was for a party;

Then all were for the state;

Then the great man helped the poor,

And the poor man loved the great:

Then lands were fairly portioned;

Then spoils were fairly sold:

The Romans were like brothers

In the brave days of old.

Later in their history they gravitated more and more towards centralised power, welfare statism, price controls, central banking and the professional army model. This was their period of greatest expansion, and yes, a lot of wealth centralised itself in Rome, but it also sowed the seeds of their defeat. Romans became lazy and addicted to welfare. Increasingly they didn't bother with warfare at all and hired foreigners to do the actual fighting. Eventually the foreigners realised they didn't need to take orders anymore and just took over.

Anyhow, just wanted to point out that despite the land and wealth, the Roman Empire was arguably their lowest point and least in line with the values of the US revolution. Also the more I read about it, the more similar it sounds to the modern west.

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Yet, strangely enough, US gun control legislation was far more strict than in many European countries until fairly recently. Likely because firearms culture in Europe was more ingrained as a tool for hunting or self-defense, not maintaining dreams of armed insurrection which was usually the domain of militant leftists.

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Yet, strangely enough, US gun control legislation was far more strict than in many European countries until fairly recently.

Strangely enough, it wasn't.

We had laws like, "it's illegal to go to church on sunday in a wagon without your rifle".

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We would not be a country without guns.

Out of curiosity, how the fuck does the quality of a screenshot get downgraded so badly? It's not a xerox.

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People JPEG when they should PNG.

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is PNG really a better format?

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Lexington and Concord are in Massachusetts.

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Shit will get real when your neighbors gather together en masse to resist gun confiscation.

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I was pleased to read they pushed the oppressors back. Well regulated militia indeed

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This is a great bedtime story for the kids.

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This is fake. All it takes is a few taps of your finger to fact check.

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Yes, it's an old meme about the shot heard round the world at Lexington and Concord, hundreds of miles to the North in MA.

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Don't argue with the disabled

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post links faggot

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Only faggots need links.

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I see you have a nigger IQ.

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Why? Because I know how to fact check?

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F'real dog?

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