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We don’t have the children being fought how to think, now educated people are told what to think with their educators praising them so long as they don’t question the ones with authority.

Case in point.

I make 80% lowers for firearms because I don’t feel I should be required to ask permission from anyone to have a firearm. Really that is what you do when you fill out an ATF form for transfer.

Phrase it how you like, but that is how I see it.

So I am taking my rifle to the car one day and cop sees me and immediately stops. Asks me what I am doing to which I reply that I am doing nothing of his concern. Wasn’t being rude or snappy, but he has zero reason to conduct an investigation.

He didn’t get a call, and he just wanted to be nosey in an attempt to show authority. He asks to see my DL for purpose of identifying me. Again I said no as in my state unless I am under suspicion of a crime he has zero authority to do so.

Then he says he needs to be sure that I can have a firearm (felony) and run a serial upon that weapon to check if stolen.

I asked if he had a reason to suspect that I was a felon to which he said he wasn’t sure and needed to be.

I refused and said he won’t be able to identify the firearm either as it doesn’t have a serial because I made it.

Oh man he moved towards my car and I shut the door with the weapon inside and locked it and said get a warrant or reasonable cause.

He tried to get pissy saying search dog and drugs. I said go ahead and do it and I will film it all and put on YouTube with his name and others involved with it. Make sure that everyone sees his waste of resources and he will get questioned as to why he felt the need to be that way.

He left of course, but thing is you don’t just allow this kinda of shit to go on and allow yourself to be pushed into shit. Stand your ground and don’t get mean or anything. Just know your rights and the moment you feel it’s needed record it all.

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Not larping, but not wanting praise either. I did as any American should. Know your rights and remember that police only know escalation of force. Don’t let them and remain calm.

They want you to justify their existence because it gives them purpose.

Without that purpose it shows they are useless. That pisses them off more believe me.


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believe it or not some cops off the record supprt this as well. I was drinking with some off duty and former cops and they told stories like this and how they did the whole deal that the department expected per SOP and they would remark they where impressed how some people actually know their rights


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I have stood up for myself too. Many times. Cops assume you don't know your rights and go over the line. By standing my ground(and being kind) local cops treat me like a decent citizen and make chit chat out in public. They usually just want to make sure you're not a bad guy at heart.


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Right right

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Meh I trust everyone until I am given a reason not too.’ Police too, but I wouldn’t let anyone do what he did just because they want purpose for existence.


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Thank you for this writeup. More people need to understand and assert their rights against petty tyrants. It's not that hard compared to the sacrifices that had to be made by our ancestors to actually SECURE those rights for the first time.

The trick is to always be civil, nice even, but never show weakness.


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edit: A trick is to always be civil, with a false face, and always be firm!


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That last part is the most important. Without reason of escalating they can’t compute anything and just get frustrated.

With police it is all about domination plain and simple. They are there to maintain the oppression of civility. Because you need to go to school, go to college, make babies, and keep the status quo.


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Maybe this is a stupid question, but where would I find the resources to become better informed as to my rights?


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Thank you for your bravery. I know it sounds gay but sharing these stories inspires others. Or at least builds the framework for others in their heads.


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It doesn’t sound gay. It sounds misplaced, but in today’s society and most likely is bravery depending where you are.

Cops have the you and them attitude which is why they love putting people in cuffs. It shows their dominance over you and doesn’t matter if they will take them off. It is about that they can and there isn’t shit you can do until THEY decide they want too.

Think about having a job where you show up and sometimes your first action is to remand that person in restraint until you feel they are free to go.

Needs to be a clear explanation to police with detainment and arrest I think. You can’t detain anyone in cuffs. Fuckin bullshit I think.