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They want him, but they can't have him. Poor little femcels.

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i'm stealing this term.

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Before it became a catch all for the male millennials who aren't have sex there was a lot of female incels on Reddit. Most of them were ugly as sin, fat, damaged women who know full well that they'd never have sex once or ever again unless they decided to dumpster dive for a guy to fuck them but they wern't feminists who blamed men for their unfuckable cunt. Then the legbeards and low iq MRA types got involved and started trying to grass root an anti feminist pro MRA vibe which was perfect for getting incels banned and blaming MRA for it.

Its a little known fact that the reason Reddit has an "edited" flag was MRA becuase the likes of Shit Reddit Says were planting fake positive comments that MRA would upvote then they'd edit the comment and report to get it try and get the subreddit(s) banned. It wasn't until bots were written to catch these edits that it stopped and it forced Reddit to add an edited flag, the admins could see the entire comment history including the original as well as the publicly visible edits (they are required to keep it all by law) but as a way to stop the report spam they put in the edit flag. Same shit was playing out on Incels except it started to get out to the bloggy side of the internet who were cooking up shit for Reddit right as they were trying to find new investors.

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a femcel must be a failure.

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I'm actually convinced this is rage bait. Everything about this profile looks like it's designed to imitate a woman's online dating profile.

  1. Upfront rejection of undesirables, a common bitch move.
  2. Over the top sexual photos.
  3. A few lines that match up with crap women put as their wants like 'Looking for a workout buddy", "I love dogs" or "Don't live with your mother". I really like the "I don't take shit", because it's the other side of "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best".
  4. The no kids and no blacks rules are so sublime, because it highlights that both are mistakes, and dumb chicks did both at once and they are unworthy of a fit successful white man looking to marry.

If this is his actual profile I'm surprised. But if it is, he destroyed everything they project in online dating at once. It's a perfect reply to generic vapid women that have nothing to give in a relationship.

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not taking shit, is no where near the level of the if you can't handle me at my worst bullshit.

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Kirk’s a fuckin bro, a little retarded, but still a bro

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He has the right idea, he just isn't very good at subtlety.

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Subtlety doesn't shame sluts.

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While I believe Kirk is fake, this is appropriate: Corporate Shill Warning

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You know the women who provided and wrote the article are fat af. And WTF, why would you let one guy put you off dating? Just must be fat and a loser

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Let's be honest, she wasn't dating anything outside of a 1 night stand, and not with anyone of quality like Kirk.

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Just an excuse because they want what they can't have.

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Yep. Sour grapes syndrome.

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The "woman" who alerted them to his profile calls herself trash queen. Might not be a real woman even.

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Ugh, what is it with women wanting to be garbage sluts?

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Why would someone who calls herself "Trash Queen" be put off dating because of Kirk, you ask?

I believe the answer is somewhere in the above sentence.

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In other words, fat lonely women with nigglet half breeds are mad an attractive successful guy won't date them.

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Drop your pants on the internet like a whore without shame?

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If you sold refrigerators would you show people the fridge or the box it comes in?

I hate whore culture and what it's made of men but that guy isn't making any mistakes in the whore culture metagame, good body, average height or above, white, probably an above average sized penis, he's made his strong points and he's advertising them. effectively for his medium being Tinder.

He doesn't want HIV/VD, he doesn't want women who will get pregnant and hold him for the money or try to latch on to him because they've ruined their lives and need saving, he doesn't want some entitled bitch, the women he's going to get are either self sufficient bitches, or women missing the red flags who will supplicate to him. If this were a chess match he's won, obviously a better goal is familial fulfillment, but in the world of slaying pussy he's playing all the right cards.

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Yeah that was a little gay.

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I mean he expecting dudes to be browsing tinder as women looking for men?

he probably should because that's some gay shit faggots do, but still.

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I mean dudes ripped

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Like anyone who body builds professionally dresses like this for shows and their pics and up on the internet regardless

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The "woman" who uses Kirk's tinder profile as an excuse not to date, is exactly like the jew who cries antisemitism. It's a great cover to enable your own choices in life, or makes you feel good about your own short comings.

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I don't have a Tinder profile, but if I did, it would definitely have a "no nigs" clause. No one wants some nigger's sloppy seconds. Given that half of all blacks have herpes, dating someone with any former romantic interests that happen to be black is a recipe for getting pozzed.

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seems perfectly reasonable

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