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Most ppl lack the discipline and generative drive to be autodidacts. I support higher ed, but not the shit we wallow in now. Also, placing a price tag on a degree self creates a supply-demand situation, lends appearance of scarcity-value.

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What would you rather have: 4 years of college for free with nothing to show for it or a college degree?

Most people would take the degree instead of the information.

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This is why I instinctively never took black belt tests. Only later did I learn the belt system was created by Jigoro Kano, that ppl didn't take "tests" prior to that.

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you are focusing too much on undergrad

professions like engineering, medicine, law (etc) are the key to upper class jobs. Are you going to sit back, let the pajeets and chinese take all the high paying jobs?

whites have to get off their asses, compete in STEM programs and take back a lot of the higher professions from the third worlders.

I'm talking grad programs. PhDs, JDs, MDs, DDS, MEng, etc.

Who do you think sits on the government committees that make policy? Hint: Jews, few whites, more and more asians. Whitey doing plumbing is exactly why we are losing.

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How hard is it to Photoshop a certificate?

I've never been asked to produce my A.S. degree as proof during an interview. Not sure if they need proof for Bachelors and beyond.

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If it's a serious job, they can check if they want to. The bigger and higher-paying things get, the more checking they tend to do.

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What most people don't understand is that you go to college or university for the networking. Otherwise, it's just a gigantic waste of money.

If you want a job, work there for free for 4 years, and not only will you be much more valuable that a uni-graduate, but it'll be cheaper too.


That said, if anyone could point me in the direction of material for finance. That'll be great, I've done KHAN-academy, but it only scratches the surface compared to what I got from my brother when he was studying it in university (he switched to a different degree). I want to do what Martin Shkreli did/does (minus the prison part).

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If you want a job, work there for free for 4 years


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If you want a job, work there for free for 4 years, and not only will you be much more valuable that a uni-graduate, but it'll be cheaper too.

You can't take that on part out of context. 4 years is the time given because that's how long it takes for a standard degree.

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But you do occasionally need access to their observatories and labs. Maybe they should offer access to those facilities at a per hour rate.

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PhD students in microbi, materials science and the like LIVE in their labs. It's 6 days a week 10 hours a day.

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that'd actually be an amazing business idea

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Teaching yourself these things is indeed possible. Whether a young adult, or perhaps even an old one has the discipline to learn a huge focused body of work in a relatively short time period is another question. I'm capable, but I hope it's going to be useful to have someone guide me on which areas to focus on in my chosen STEM field. I've done really quite well in life so far, but have decided it's time for change at nearly 50 years old to go back to school.

I guess I'll let you know in a couple of years.

If it's not STEM though forget it and where I am, if it doesn't pay off financially, you don't pay the loan back and any payments are just an additional progressive tax. There's a fair bit of free money for us old fuckers too.

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No, not true at all.

You are going to have a hard time training to be a particle physicist or industrial chemist without access to labs. Dentistry, medicine, etc.

It's also useful to have mentoring, even for disciplines like history that can be very book heavy. That's why grad programs exist, to allow you to learn from someone who knows the discipline already.

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Or just online. You don't have to leave the house even.

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meh, why even bother going to a library to read ((Updated)) books? You will learn what you need on Voat.

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