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I went through some awful relationships and was considering MGTOW while in my late 20's. My boss took me to lunch and told me, it's not about the woman... "they're all crazy. You're in it for the kids. Kids will bring you more joy than anything else in this life. You need a woman to have the kids, you need a woman to help raise those kids, you need a happy woman to have happy kids. You suffer the woman, for your children and your grandchildren. "

Damn if that wasn't the best bit of life advice I ever received.

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But I thought

All that she wants is another baby

Shes gone tomorrow boy

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Duh nuh nuhnuh nuh

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Anyone offering more than dick in exchange for pussy should take a good long look in the mirror. Are to expect that someone offering nothing but pussy, pre owned or otherwise should receive anything other than dick?

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Somebody once told me "boy, everything she wants is everything she sees"

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Or she wants the guy as a political move, as is compelled by the desperation of her whitenigger underground species

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That is why you marry someone that earns as much or more than you. The "fuck me and take care of me" women will not appreciate you or ur hard work plus the "fuck me" part will eventually fade away so all ur stuck with is "take care of me" part which never ends in some states.

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Hypergamy is a thing. She will not tolerate you earning less than she does and will seek out someone with more money because she will not "settle".

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She will, but only if you can make up for it in other areas. Attractiveness, goal/purpose driven, famous, etc.

Otherwise, yes, it will fail.

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Well, shes does offer a uterus and genes to add.

Science, tho, will make her obsolete.