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Does she think he's going to have any trouble getting laid at all?

This is the warped view of leftists- they think because he's a Trump that he's unfuckable. They can't imagine anyone seeing the world differently than them.

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I thought they were having traumatizing wet dreams about our President though?

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Instinct vs peer pressure. They know what they feel, they just want to fight it

Why do you think so many fags are cutting their dicks off?

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All I can tell you is if she thinks autists have retard cocks, she's sorely mistaken

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He's going to have to fight off the gold-digging whores begging to suck his dick with a fly swatter.

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He's going to be swimming in so much pussy. He probably already is. He's the baddest of the "bad boys" to every girl with leftist parents.

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Nevermind that he's the son of the president- he's tall and rich. Either of those would already have him swimming in pussy.

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Interesting twitter handle she has there too, that spoonerism suggests she may have some daddy issues going on there.

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Lets be honest here, (((trump))) is definitely marrying off his son to a Jewess

probably as lowly as this skank but with more influence in the (((tribe)))

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how to get the secret service to show up 101

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@Fad_ducker?? Please tell me someone else saw that.

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Dude, this is what I was talking about the other day. I was reading a Dune book and it started with adult women lusting over a preteen boy. The normalization for this had begun before many of us were even born.

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Propositioning a minor with sex, surely a crime, no? Report her. Simple.

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Betting money says Alexandra used to be Alexander.

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But still Jewish

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Betcha five bux!

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