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Kids are naturally racist. But little white kids are taught that its bad.

For all you newfags, RACISM IS OK. There is a difference between racism and bigotry. Just like there are differences between the races. Use your fucking language right. That race is a choosable AND protected class (except for white) right now is laughable and incredibly tragic FOR EVERYONE. Anyone buying this, tralalala, "united world" bullshit is absolutely off their rocker and asking to be wiped out.

Think of a happy, productive society as a Bob Ross painting. If he mixes up all the colors on his pallette and never uses white, the painting will look like birdshit and no amount of shitbirds will be able to cover it up and make it look good.

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united world

In all my time on earth, liberals never had as much power as they do now. Look at the state of the world when they're in charge. Look how they manage their power- that's the world they want

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Muslims are assholes and treat all non-Muslims like shit.

Niggers are just violent and shitty to everyone.

Spics are lazy, slobs and a lot like niggers.

Spics, niggers, and Muslims don't like each other. Even with Whites and yellows out of the picture, you still don't get a united world.

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Enforced by the US military and police.

Maybe 1 million combatants strong armed this once great nation of riflemen that outnumbered them 100x into oblivion.

Our own cowardice and willingness to debate and negotiate everything is the biggest problem we'll ever face.

You're not going to be allowed to vote any "Hitler" into power, that's for sure.

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At this point it's less and less of us voting anymore percentage-wise. It's a bunch of spics and other foreigners who shouldn't be here.

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It's amazing to think of the cultural impact that's taken place - even since the 90s when I was a kid. I don't see kids playing randomly outside anymore. Most hang out close to home, or indoors/in other group/supervised environment. Why is that? Because our neighborhoods aren't as safe as they used to be, almost universally across the country. WHY?

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There's still hysteria surrounding kidnappers/pedophiles, and neighborhoods are less safe due to racial integration

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People are inside everywhere, because of computers and cell phones.

I've driven through some pretty hood areas, and even niggers aren't doing the porch monkey thing or playing ball games. Everybody everywhere is inside.

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People are inside everywhere, because of computers and cell phones.

And air-conditioning.

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Lol even niggers have PlayStation now

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Because the kids are indoors obsesed with their phones 24/7.

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I'm offended you would speak that way about canines.

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I came here to say this

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"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

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The best guy we've got is Salvini and he's a half sand nigger himself, taking these small, politically correct half measures that will take 30 years to do anything, as he himself admits.

In that time, the white girls who are left will mate with the migrants and "that is that".

The rest of these people aren't doing jack shit in comparison. Trump is an abysmal failure.

Kind of funny, the only real fighters we have aren't white because non-whites are naturally hot blooded and tribal, though their tribe has been diluted.

The gene pool has been cleansed.

Look at most of your milquetoast responses, you aren't even that mad.

It's like oh gee, things aren't like they used to be, I'm sad about rape and murder and niggers beating my kids so I'm going to vote for somebody. lol

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I just wanna slay.

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I apologize but I'm a bit confused. Is it that for no reason at all they were released on our children, or do you mean that when the response inevitably comes from them being released that (((they))) will say that it happened "..for no reason at all", ooorrrrrr are you referring to past events that people say happened "..for now reason at all" and drawing a correlation to our modern situation of the hounds being released?

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The full quote is “and then, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power”.

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Because "official" history mentions nothing about the state of the Wiemar Republic. Once in awhile they might mention the hyperinflation, but they always skip the degeneracy and communism aspects.

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Which is a play on the Jew narrative: "...and then, one day, for no reason at all, they started putting people in camps."

Yeah, right.....

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full quote from who? and so my 2nd guess was correct, cool..

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It's a quote, about how Hitler came to power

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My German Shepherd dislikes blacks for 'no reason at all'. I did not train her that way but she reads my vibes.

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Yes, but it's only the whites who can be racists...