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HA HA in 1984 I did the exact same thing!! English teacher told us to write a parody and I had no idea. Waited right up to the end and copied a poem from MAD magazine "Casey up to bat" and handed it in. Few days later she' hands back our assignments except she tells me my poem wasn't exactly a parody but instead decides the poem was so good she read it to the class. I didn't know if she was trolling me, trying to make me embarrassed for cheating but couldn't prove I cheated. But she read it and I sunk into my desk. Got an A. LOL

Thank you MAD magazine.

[–] lenisnore ago 

That's a well known poem from 1888; there's no way she didn't know

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In the MAD version I copied, it was a girl at to bat and the poem was a spoof on the original. But yeah, she must have known.