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Similar story.

Gave no shits about some stupid High School Engrish assignment.

For some reason my mom was interested in the assignment and said she'd just do the poem for me, which was odd, as after about 3rd grade, they never really helped me on any homework.

She does some over the top bullshit in about 30 minutes about the Cliffs of Dover and my English teacher thought I shit gold from then on. Asked if I would like to submit it to the contest, and that he thought I could win. I said yes and played the part, but I don't think it won anything.

Also, pre-internet, my dad won a poem contest by turning in the lyrics of Circus of Heaven.


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Lol! I impressed some dumb hippies in college at a silly poetry reading by reciting Dead Kennedys lyrics.


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I guess it runs in the family lol...

I once turned in a test with "abracadabra" written for every answer.... it didn't work.


[–] Civil_Warrior ago 

Nigger authors do this in the modern day to unwittingly spread jew propaganda.