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why should a six year old kid be told his ancestors were evil for slavery without pointing out we would still be shitting in ditches if it were not for them?

Why don't black parents just tell their kids that their ancestors were fucked over, but get to live in the greatest country on earth for the sacrifice and be done with it? Its not like the kid will never see a picture of africa or baltimore to find out what places run by blacks look like.

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black parents just tell their kids that their ancestors were fucked over

BY THEIR OTHER ANCESTORS. Blacks sold themselves into slavery.

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That's the niggiest shit niggers ever did, sell their own people.

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Why don't black parents just tell their kids that their ancestors were fucked over, but get to live in the greatest country on earth for the sacrifice and be done with it?

I think this would be the most healthy way to deal with the injustices/trauma of the past, but that's not the idea; by harping on the past one gets to play the victim, demand free stuff, and absolve themselves of any personal responsibility. If one were inclined to grow and become a better person, the best route would be to accept the past, learn from it, and move on. If the goal were, however, to indulge in your hate and shrug off responsibility, then blame whitey.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the media props up the second route as the only viable option. Most people couldn't form their own opinions if they tried. So not only do blacks have the subconscious knowledge that harping on the past gets them free shit and allows them to play the eternal victim, but they also have (((the media))) telling them that they're not "black" unless they do just that. Leaving the plantation is never an option.

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The SJW point is that they feel that they have been screwed over institutionally and are owed everything because of it. Which isnt the case. Magic negros do fantastic. 100iq a work ethic and a dad those nigs are fawned over in our society. The problem is your average nigger in the hood. No amount of education or investment will turn them productive. If you gave one of them 50 grand in reparations they would just buy a new dodge, rim's, and go to the club a few times in 5 years the car would start failing and the nig would be back tight where they were if not sooner.

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We should heed these words ourselves in relation to our worsening government plantation.

Complaining and asking for things doesn't get us off the plantation.

Changing our masters to better ones is useful but doesn't get us off the plantation unless they will give us a path to freedom.

The elites buy their way off the plantation so law doesn't apply to them but that system rewards cheating the others on the plantation to escape it so only bad slaves are rewarded and they just become bad masters instead of freeing us.

We need to do the opposite of the faceberg model. Raise up freers instead of slavers.

Give all our support only to slaves and masters who will work to free us from the outside. Make pacts that enforce this like memorandums of understanding and contracts that are enforceable by the removing funding and property, or maybe worse, if breached.

Crowdfund freers with specific structural, technological, or political goals we need to become freemen. Reverse the boiled frog tyranny creep.

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Why? Because blacks riot, and that's good for the news. Blacks earn less than whites, and that's good for the state.

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Shhhhh. That is logic you are using there.

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it takes a certain emotional capacity to understand "guilt"

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Your logic doesn't follow... Because according to them, the white society is the evil one. Black people are heroes for destroying bad man society. Why would they feel guilty? Obviously this is a complete fallacy, but truth in one's mind is all that matters.

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Works for Africa.

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Niggers actually believe they invented & built everything when they were kangz in africa and evil whitey somehow stole all their black melanin magic.

Look up Afrocentrism.

And the ones who don't actually believe that just know that calling whitey rayciss results in them getting gibs.

Look up Skinner Box Rat.

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Dude, if it weren't for whites, black people would be living in Utopia, like Wakanda.

Look at Haiti, it's basically a real world Wakanda. Rich fertile land that can produce great harvests and feed their people with an overabundance of food. Haiti is pretty much a self-sustaining island, free of wypipo.

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Yeah, those idiots chopped down all their trees and then wondered why the soil died.

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I feel like you are assuming nogs are smart enough to think for themselves. I blame the jews for using the nogs to destroy civilization.

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If white people are evil because of their history with slavery, isn't everyone else more evil because their history with slavery was longer, more brutal, oh, and still on going?

Take any criticism of white people, and apply it to every other race.

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Give whitey a pile of bricks and he will build a city. Give a nigger a city and he will create a pile of bricks.

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