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5th birthday. Wearing a diaper.

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It's that or he'd been throwing his shit at everybody standing outside his cage

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Looks like one of Bill Cosby's baby pictures.

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My daughter is 4. She wears regular underwear for her age, no diapers. Some people are more worried about 1st lap dances than teaching their kids. I was at Mall of America about 10 years ago. I saw a group of 3 men, in their 20s. They were wearing adult diapers and had a pacifier in their mouths. They had the same skin tone as these people in the pic. It must be a culture thing.

[–] herbert_west 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Muslim women put the diapers on their heads.

[–] AR47 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

They had the same skin tone as these people in the pic

You can say niggers here.

Watch this.

Jam Face:

Back during slavery the house nigger was given a special task by the white man. Before we had air conditioning and were yet to master electricity as we know it today it was a common practice to enjoy your dusk while outside during the summer months

Well being a resident of the southern states in this day and age I can tell you for feet at times it is unbearable with insect activity. Well white man of the old days found his solution with his slave.

Before traveling outside the house nigger would lather his face in jam or honey to attract all insects within a county. He would then stay on the other side of the house at attention waiting for a command to be given so as not to disturb his slave owner.

Life was simpler back then and much more structured with each nigger privileged enough to be given the role of “house nigger”

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Be grateful, usually they like to shit in public where everyone can see.

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It's a contraceptive, helps him deposit the jizz somewhere safe.

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I have no idea why niglets grow up to be rapists, thieves and murderers.

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they show up and start doing that shit to other kids at the park. their parents dont do shit so everyone else starts leaving.

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Right? WTF is with that nonsense. I don't mind so much when the mexican kids try to steal my sons toys, I just watch as he stands up for himself and reclaims his property. The black kids are a different story. They can make a public park on a nice day downright unbearable in the first 5 minutes they're there

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Niggers aren't 'thots', they're just niggers. Thots have to be assumed to be at least hot enough to be remotely fuckable, and that doesn't fit with a nigger.

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u/con77 this is your jam.

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keep it classy nigger

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TNB. Now little Shitavious will have a story about his first STD to tell his classmates in kindergarten. 6 YEARS FROM NOW

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Odumbo's son.

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Remember, their problems aren't their fault. It's the white man's.

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Damn great parenting there. Enjoy your upcoming prison terms, niglet. You were born doomed.

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Is "thot" nigger speak for even less of a piece of garbage than normal niggers?

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